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A swimming pool is a place where people can take part in swimming. Inverter pool heat pumps can greatly improve your pool conditions. A good pool environment not only gives you a better exercises experience, but also greatly reduces the chance of catching cold. Don’t underestimate the effect of cool water on your body. Inverter pool heat pump can solve this problem well. Aquark’s Mr. Silence series inverter pool heat pumps can do your pool heating task well while saving more power than other heat pumps.

When people think of exercising in a pool, they usually think of swimming. While this is great and very effective, there are plenty of other exercises you can do in the pool, even if you can’t do strenuous swimming.

Water exercises is a good way to keep fit. Not only does it provide more resistance than it does in the air, it can also support your weight. This makes it ideal for those who are recovering from injuries or joint problems or even elderly people. It’s also good for pregnant women because of its low risk of injury.

Water Exercises Equipment
Equipment can be used while exercising in water or not at all. Pool exercises equipment includes: Pool Noodles, Pool Dumb bells, Pool Kick Boards, etc.

Would you like to try water walking? It’s very easy! And it doesn’t need a equipment. Since it provides more resistance than air in the water. For higher intensity, you can even jog.

Leg Workout
A great water exercise is squats. You’ll do a squat similar to what you do on land, slightly bending your knees and pushing your hips back as if you were sitting on a chair.

Another great water workout for legs is leg lifts. Stand with your shoulders in deep water and lift your left leg as high as possible to one side. Repeat 8 to 10 times, then repeat on the right leg.

Arm Workout
Put your hands at your sides and stand with your shoulders in deep water. Slowly extend your arms to shoulder height, then return to your sides. Repeat. To increase resistance and strength training, try using a pool dumbbell.

You can learn more about water exercise on your own, but only if it’s safe. And remember to do it in a pool with an inverter pool heat pump. This will protect you better.

Don’t forget Interbad Stuttgart, Germany 2018. Aquark will attend it. And our unique heat pump inverters will be demo during the expo. You will see innovated user-friendly design, not only high COP and silence.