lnverSilence lnverter Pool Heat Pump
lnverSilence InverPad® technology

InverPad® is a revolutionary technology created by Aquark Technology Limited with the mentality of changing 50 years of tradition in the pool heat pump industry: boring design and noisy operation. It perfectly combines unique Pad appearance, stepless DC inverter and noise cancelling technology together.



lnverSilence lnverter Pool Heat Pump PAD​ DESIGN


Dc Inverter

lnverSilence lnverter Pool Heat Pump Stepless DC Inverter



lnverSilence lnverter Pool Heat Pump Noise Cancelling

Double Energy Saving

At the beginning of the pool heating, the InverSilence will run at full speed to heat up the pool rapidly. Once pool temperature is getting close to set point, it will automatically adjust to lower speed, offering even more efficient and quiet using experience to users.

lnverSilence lnverter Pool Heat Pump Double Energy Saving
lnverSilence lnverter Pool Heat Pump COP Up To 15

COP Up To 15

With COP of up to 15 at low speed to maintain pool temperature, InverSilence can get 150,000 BTUs of heat output for every 10,000 BTUs consumed. Get 94% free energy from ambient air!


Thanks to the patent InverPad®  technology, the average sound level of InverSilence is only 45dB(A) at 1 meter distance, as low as a fridge.

20 Times More Silent

lnverSilence lnverter Pool Heat Pump 20 Times More Silent

Professional PooL Heating Control System

With the stepless DC inverter compressor, the InverSilence heat pump will start from 0 amps, then it increases slowly and steadily. There will be no strike to the house electricity system. And with its smart conversion, InverSilence can be applied to a wide range of voltage of 208V to 230V

lnverSilence Full Protection on Electrical System
lnverSilence Wide Voltage Application

Anytime Anywhere

lnverSilence lnverter Pool Heat Pump

Other Advantages

lnverSilence Equipped with both heating and cooling icon

Heating and Cooling

Equipped with both heating and cooling

lnverSilence EEV​ icon

Electronic Expansion Valve

Optimized flow of refrigerant, 20% higher COP

lnverSilence Twin-rotary Compressor icon

Twin-rotary Compressor

Mitsubishi DC Inverter, Less mechanical noise

lnverSilence Twisted Titanium Heat Exchange icon

Twisted Titanium Heat Exchange

Increased area for heat exchange, 40% higher efficiency

lnverSilence Reverse cycle defrosting icon

Reverse cycle defrosting

Smart, fast and efficient reverse cycle defrosting

lnverSilence Operational tem: 14°F - 109°F icon

Operational temperature: 14°F - 109°F

Enjoy your pool even in cold weathers