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InverPad® Turbo Heat Pump
InverPad® Heat Pump
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Vertical Pool Heat Pump
Commercial Heat Pump
North American Heat Pump
Heating & Circulation 2 in 1
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Clear Data Reading

Responsive Lights

Space-saving installation

InverTurbo technology by Aquark innovates salt-chlorinated pool solutions for relaxing spa water quality and experience. It regulates chlorine generation and pH levels precisely based on self-developed PID algorithms through a unique 0% – 100% operation adaptively in different situations.

0% - 100%
Dynamic Inverter

Embedded with dynamic inverter control, InverClear offers triple benefit beyond expectations: more durable cell life, proved energy-saving operation and lasting water quality.

Low to 2g/L

Enjoy low salt concentration with the add-salt amount reminder. InverClear is friendly to other pool equipment and accessories with low salinity down to 2g/L.

Visible Water Quality

The real-time pool water quality is graded and indicated by responsive lights in InverClear, allowing you to quickly understand the pool state through different colors.

Modular Cell

InverClear’s modular cell, with an electrode, acid injector, sensor holder and flow switch, is easy to install.

UP TO 1,000 kWh Saving
for 5 years

Save up to 1,000kWh in energy consumption through a 5-year usage, thanks to the durability brought by self-regulating operations under the unique inverter control.

One-Click Simplicity

App control is enabled to keep you well informed of real-time water reports

ORP/PH/Temperature Reading

One-Click Turbo Boost

Salinity Reference

Logs Review

More Features

Salinity Detection

Built-in pH Regulator

Pump Control

Auto Low Mode

Self-Cleaning Cell

Replaceable Electrode

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