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Inverter Pool Heat Pump


Benefiting from stepless DC inverter technology, Mr. Smart speed will be adjusted intelligently according to the environment and water temperature.

Mr. Smart
Average-COP 9.5

To maintain pool temperature for 95% of pool season, Mr. Smart runs at average 50% capacity to provide the best energy saving performance and most silent pool environment.

Mr. Smart
Double Energy Saving

Use a 13kW Mr. Smart instead of a 13kW On/Off heat pump to heat up a 50m³ pool by 1°C and save 1012kW of energy consumption in one pool season. It is nearly double energy saving.

Comfort Silence

Thanks to Inverquark technology, Stepless DC inverter compressor and DC brushless fan motor,
Mr. Smart runs very quietly and provides you a comfortable heating environment.

Smart Touch Controller


Control your heat pump anywhere and anytime with InverGo.

Controller in your hands

Enjoy and access all the features of your heat pump controller.

Set Schedules​

Program when or how your heat pump works

InverGo APP
Share with your loved ones

Let your family control Mr. Smart

InverGo APP


cycle defrosting

Twisted titanium
heat exchanger

EEV Tech: increase
COP up to 20%

Operating air temp