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About Pool Heat Pump Installation

A pool heat pump should be installed close to the swimming pool filtration system. It’s designed to be used outdoors and there should be enough installation space for it without barriers around. In fact if a pool heat pump is blocked around during working, it will not perform optimally.

No, it’s not recommended. The pool heat pump should be installed in an open area with good air circulation.

Soft tubes will cause extra pressure to water union and may cause damage. We suggest using hard tubes.

As with all swimming pool heating systems, you are advised to use a pool cover when the swimming pool is not in use seasons. This will keep evaporation (the greatest heat loss) to a minimum and also reduce the overall pool heating costs and unwanted frustrations. A pool cover can reduce total heat loss by 50% to 95%.

There is no attention required by a pool heat pump as with air conditioner. Simply remove any leaves, grass or paper which occasionally collected from the air. The pool chemistry should always remain balanced. The evaporator grills are coated to prevent corrosion. However if you live near a salt-water environment you may want to hose down the outside evaporator coil to help prevent the build up of salt and rust.

About Pool heat Pump Usage

1. Press “icon1” for 3 seconds to lock or unlock the screen 2. Automatic lock period: 30 seconds if no operation

No, for round controller, the Wi-Fi is built-in.

Normally the Wi-Fi signal distance will be about 10-15 meters.

Users can search “InverGo” and download it from iOS/Android platform on AppStore or Google Play.

When the screen is on, press “icon2 ”for 3 seconds, after “ icon9” flashing, enter Wi-Fi connection. Connect Wi-Fi on mobile phone and input password, and then control equipment by Wi-Fi. When APP connects Wi-Fi successfully,“icon9 ” lights on. (Different series of machine have different screens, please check the manual for detailed information )

Yes, you can set the timer with our APP “InverGo”.

A pool heat pump will defrost regularly when frost conditions occur. The easiest frosting temperature is from 2-7°C(air temperature) when the humidity is high. If the pool heat pump is under defrosting all the time, we suggest asking for a professional technician for further inspection.

About Quality and Performance

InverPad® is a revolution technology in pool heat pump industry with 7 patents by Aquark.

1. Its unique backward airflow technolgy can help to decrease the noise. That makes Aquark’s product Mr. Silence a super silent pool heat pump in the market. A low noise while working can bring users a comfortable use experience . Mr. Silence’s noise level is 12 dB lower than On/Off heat pump, only 40 dB at 1m distance.

2. Outstanding performance: More than 90% of energy used is free from air which makes it environmental friendly. And thanks to it’s included stepless DC inverter technology, the COP can be up to 16 certificated by TUV.

3. Garden friendly: This remarkable design can hide the fan, eliminate the disturbing wind, and require less space for installation.

InverPad® Turbo is an innovative and unique technology developed on the base of InverPad®, and is applied on the new product Mr. Perfect.

For the first time in pool industry, it utilizes the most advanced silent technology in Turbofan, which is combined with aerodynamic optimization and the best noise cancelling technologies to set a new milestone in noise level.With 0 mechanical noise, the sound from Mr. Perfect when working can be even low as 38.4 dB(A).

Furthermore, InverPad® Turbo was developed to run in the harshest condition from -15℃ to 43 ℃. Thanks to TurboFan’s new airflow system, it increases the heat exchange area and maximizes heat output to guarantee an excellent performance under cold weather . Help users realize the dream of 4 seasons swimming.

1. On/Off is defined as “all or nothing (AON type)”, to ensure it can function properly, its power must meet the condition for thermal balance:
W1 >= Q1 (water heating) + Q2 (lose from water to air)

When the pool is at the right temperature, Q1 is no longer necessary, so the power needed is
W2 = Q2 (lose from water to air)
Q1 is no longer needed, but AON type can’t change its power, so it keeps function as W1 which makes Q1 a heating waste. As consequence, a waste of energy will cost more on electricity bill, also the temperature is not stable, in fact the temperature will varied in an interval.

2. Inverter can adjust the speed rate to use a minimum power required to maintain the temperature. It can change from W1 to W2 intelligently to avoid unnecessary energy waste. That is why the inverter is an energy saving technology, to avoid the energy waste. And also the temperature is more stable.

3. AON type has a power rate constant. It didn’t consider the change of environment. Therefore, AON usually is not a full season heat pump, its performance will be very different in different condition.Like too hot in summer or not warm enough in autumn or winter. Inverter heat pump can totally avoid this problem by changing the power rate.

1. Aquark has a professional R&D team with over 20 years experience on pool heat pump. It developed a stepless DC inverter technology, which is more advance than normal inverter. For example, step Inverter can adjust the speed 20% by 20%, or 25% by 25%. Aquark’s stepless inverter can adjust Hz by Hz to the best condition for using. 2. Aquark has very strict quality control system. Start form raw material and components testing, to the production chain, all steps strictly follow the standards. It’s failure rate is lower than 0.5% which is an outstanding number among the manufacture. 3. Aquark’s product has many differences. Those differences make it unique in the market and bring more attention. Innovation is in every product of Aquark. It’s also one of the key of Aquark to being competitive. image1

Aquark’s heat pumps are adopted with top quality components, even without a lick of maintenance, a pool heat pump will easily work for 10 to 20 years. If being used with well maintenance, Aquark’s pool heat pump can literally last a lifetime.

Yes. However it all depends on the size of the pool and the time of year. Heat pumps are made to maintain pool temperature on a daily basis. If the heat pump is sized properly to the pool size, once the desired temperature is reached, it will automatically maintain that temperature all month long.

Firstly customers need to distinguish whether the problems come from the heat pump itself or external condition, the easiest way is to observe the temperature difference between inlet and outlet, normally it will be about 2°C, which indicates that the heat pump has good heating performance.
If there is no problem on the heating performance, there’re several possible reasons that may result in faulty heating performance:1. the customer choose the wrong model. 2. the pool doesn’t have a cover. 3. the ambient temperature is too low…
If the problem comes from the heat pump, please contact your local dealer for supports.

Firstly, please check if there is temperature difference between inlet and outlet.
If not, please observe if the compressor or fan is working or not. If everything is normal but the heat pump still makes no heating output, there may be a gas leakage from the heat pump, please contact your local dealer for supports.

About Technical Knowledge

COP stands for Coefficient of Performance ie. The ratio of power output to power input. This is dependent on the ambient air temperature and the temperature of the swimming pool water. It tells you the energy efficiency rating of the heat pump.

Electricity is usually charged by a unit called kilowatt-hour. One kilowatt-hour is equal to 3412 BTU. BTU stands for British Thermal Unit. It is a unit of measure that some heat pump manufacturers use on their specifications.

Main Pillars of the new EU F-Gas Rules are to reduce emissions and to move towards lower GWP solutions. This involves a phase down in the consumption of HFCs and a reduction of 37% by 2020 and 79% by 2030. By 2025 Single Split A/C systems with less than 3kg refrigerant charge should contain a refrigerant with a GWP.

R32 has similar working pressure to R410A around 12-26 Bar (174-377 Psi), however R32 has better capability to exchange heat-load than R410A and delivers higher capacity than R410A making the system more efficient.

R32 has a lower GWP than R410 and uses 30% less refrigerant charge to produce an equal load capacity. As a result the total CO2 emission can be reduced by around 77%.

Generally the lower the GWP is, the higher the level of flammability will be, R32 is no different. R32 is involved in the Classification A2L and is classified Flammable category A2. Classification to Directive 67/548/EEC & 1999/45/EC: F+; R12 Extremely flammable. Accordingly only experienced and properly instructed persons should handle gases under pressure.

Yes, we suggest that our customer choose a bigger size heat pump. On the one hand, a bigger model heat pump can heat your pool in shorter time if you can’t wait to swim. On the other hand, a bigger model heat pump will still have enough heating capacity when you want to swim during winter, as the heating capacity will decline when the air temperature is low.

Can’t, the system is different and can’t support for R410A gas.

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