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Aquark’s New iOutdoor Tech Attracts Great Attention at Piscine Global Europe 2022

The Piscine Global Europe exhibition has always been a window into leading-edge technologies of pool industry. As the inverter pool …

Aquark Presents Several of the Industry’s First Innovative Products at Piscine Global Europe

Piscine Global Europe is the world’s largest and most important swimming pool and wellness exhibition. It returns after four years …


Aquark Develops InverPad® Turbo Tech to Reduce Noise Emissions by Pool Heat Pumps

Aquark applies InverPad® Turbo tech on its latest inverter pool heat pump Mr. Perfect to reduce the noise pollution and …

How Aquark’s InverPad®Turbo Tech Lead to Ultimately Silent Pool Heating Experience

Aquark, the Pad Inverter creator, introduces how its patented InverPad® Turbo technology leads to a super silent pool heating experience. By …

Pool Market Expansion with Aquark’s Innovative Tech

Original InverPad®: Pool Market Expansion with Aquark’s Innovative Tech

At Piscine Connect 2021, a tech-savvy company, Aquark, was nominated into visitors’ A-level list with its advanced inverter technologies and …

Aquark’s Inverter Pool Heat Pump, Rides The Wave To Innovation With InverPad® Turbo Technology1

Aquark’s Inverter Pool Heat Pump, Rides the Wave to Innovation with InverPad® Turbo Technology

Aquark is an emerging technology company of inverter pool heat pump manufacturer. Again, we have achieved a growth of over …

Pad Design, Inverter Pool Heat Pump’s Next Chapter2

Pad Design, Inverter Pool Heat Pump’s Next Chapter

New inverter pool heat pump design – pad design is created by one of the best inverter pool heat pump manufacturer, Aquark. Check on and find out the secret.



In most cases, a pool heat pump is expected to last for years. Even so, when we search “pool heat pump repair”, there …

Pool Heat Pump Sizing Guide How to Choose Pool Heat Pump in The Right Size

The Thriving Private Pool Is Hidden Behind the Olympic Trending Topic

In 2020 Tokyo Olympics, what is the foremost well known Olympic sport? In line with yougov. com, 43% people are …