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Mr. Silence 30

30x Perfect Silence

Embrace the Next-Level Silence

While COP efficiency Blasting Forward

Mr. Silence 30

Art of Pad Inverter

Patented Design

Based on the Pad design and the Turbofan structure, Mr. Silence 30 is upgraded with a premium noise-cancelling tech and an outperforming ventilation design, fully bringing the silence strengths of InverPad® Turbo technology to the best.

0 Mechanical Noise

0 Refrigerant Flow noise

36.4 dB(A)

30 times quieter than traditional on/off heat pumps.


95% Free Energy

Thanks to the self-developed thermal booster tech, efficient mechanism and upgraded inverter algorithm, Mr. Silence 30 can provide 95% free energy on average from ambient air, which means 1kW of electricity can bring a maximum of 20kW heat output in return, marking the milestone for COP performance.


With Less Carbon Footprint

With InverPad® Turbo Technology, you can enjoy the 4-season premium swimming experience while reducing energy costs and carbon footprint. Let’s do our bit and make more contributions to environmental protection!

7-Year Warranty

Quality & Service Beyond Limit

Mr. Silence 30 is backed by a 7-year warranty that extends to all of its components. You can also rest assured that the core parts, both inverter compressors and titanium exchangers, are covered by an ultra-15-year guarantee.


for All Parts


Compressor & Titanium Heat Exchanger


Aluminum-alloy Casing

Power Consumption Reading

Mitsubishi Twin-Rotary DC Compressor

Operation Air Temp -20°C~43°C

Turbo Mode Fast Heating

Mr. Silence 30

Defines New Standard of Silence

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