Pool heat pump market opportunities

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Immense potential for growth:
Pool heat pump industry

Global pool heat pump market has been going through rapid development for the past 50 years. With better energy performance, heat pumps now play a more important role in pool industry than other existing heating solutions(solar, electric, gas, etc.). Among the 40 million pools worldwide, it is estimated that less than 6% of them have a heat pump installed. The long-term growth potential is undeniable.

Technology changes the future:
Inverter plus InverPad Tech

Since 2016, Inverter technology has been a major trend on global market with average 30%-50% growth rate. Above normal inverter, Aquark’s InverPad® technology brings brand new user experience: 10-20 times more quiet, simplicity fashion design and extreme energy saving. It will be the next technology trend for high-end pool heating market.

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Original InverPad® Tech

Original InverPad® Tech

  • 1st InverPad® Tech patents in 2017
  • 1st InverPad® Turbo Tech with Turbofan patents in 2021
  • The most silent pool heat pump powered by InverPad® Turbo
  • Strong R&D

    Strong R&D

  • >20 years experience
  • >10 patents innovation
  • Self-developed inverter control system for pool heat pump
  • Comprehensive Service

    Comprehensive service

  • Response in 24h solution in 48h
  • Remote online service with AI IOT CLOUD tech
  • Online training anytime/anywhere: Service center Europe

    Thanks to leading InverPad® Tech and ultimate service, Aquark has quickly occupied the market in recent years. Currently our Pad inverter heat pumps are exported worldwide to over 40 markets. Besides, more than 100 professional global distributors have chosen Aquark as their long-term partner. To create greater industry value, Aquark insists on continuous innovation with unique solution.

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    Fira Barcelona 2019

    Aquark assisted Fira Barcelina 2019 with our complete line of InverPad® heat pumps. Our heat pumps captured the attention of the visitors with their unique design and advanced technology.


    Technical Training

    Aquark has very professional technical team to provide distributors trainings on product, sales, promotion, online marketing, after-sale service, etc.

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