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InverPad® Turbo Heat Pump
InverPad® Heat Pump
Traditional Heat Pump
Vertical Pool Heat Pump
Commercial Heat Pump
North American Heat Pump
Heating & Circulation 2 in 1
Inverter Salt Chlorinator
Robotic Lawnmower
Intelligent Central Control System

Partner with Aquark

Aquark believes in the All Partner philosophy, ready for unlimited collaborations with players in the iGarden industry. Our commitment to ultimate experience is backed by robust quality control and global supply chains, ensuring customers and users are worry-free with a warranty of up to 7-years and dedicated after-sale services.

Billions of Gardens
Limitless Opportunities

USD 4.6+ Billion

Swimming Pool Market Size brought by 40 million pools

USD 5.5+ Billion

Lawn Mower Market Size brought by 400 million gardens

>90% of Swimming Pools

Without Pool Heat Pump

300% Annual Growth Rate

of Pad Inverter Pool Heat Pumps since 2018

Pursuing the Ultimate Customer Experience

Strong Product Innovation

  • Professional R&D Team with self-developed inverter controlling system .
  • Most innovative InverPad® and InverPad® Turbo tech.
  • Original industrial design pioneering intelligent lifestyles.

Quality Control

  • Incoming materials inspection.
  • QC During production (aging test, 3 times leakage check).
  • Inverter running test; electrics safety inspection.
  • Random inspection after production; third-party random inspection

Excellent Customer Service

  • Feedaback within 24 hours
  • Solution within 48 hours
  • Professional product and marketing training.


“These heat pumps truly are the best on the market.
Imagine the savings in the summer if you can save 65.5% in the winter?!?!”

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