Inverter Pool Heat Pump


Stepless DC Inverter allows full control over the speed of the compressor and fan motor. InverEco will adjust precisely and intelligently to the heat demand of your swimming pool to mantain stable temperature throughout the season.

COP up to 10.6

Based on the principle of low speed performance, InverEco can achieve a COP of up to 10.6 when operating a 20% capacity.

Double Energy Saving

InverEco runs at full speed at the beginning of the season to heat your pool faster. Once close to reaching set temperature, it will adjust to low speed operation and maintain stable temperature throughout the season. InverEco will achieve double energy saving compared to single-speed On/Off heat pumps.


Switch between Boost mode to heat your pool faster, and Silence mode for a relaxing experience.


With integrated heating and cooling into a single unit, enjoy your swimming pool any season of the year.


InverEco will start from 0 amps and increase steadily to protect your house electrical system.

10x More Silent

With a sound level of 42.7 dB(A) at 1 meters distance while operating at low speed, enjoy a comfortable swimming experience.

Professional PooL
Heating Control System

With stepless DC inverter compressor, InverEco starts from 0 amps. Then it increases slowly and steadily. There is no strike to the house electricity system. And with its smart conversion, InverEco can be applied to a wide range of voltage of 208V to 230V.

Anytime Anywhere

| Controller in your hands

Enjoy and access all the features of your heat pump controller.

Control your heat pump anywhere and anytime with InverGo.

| Set Schedules

Program when or how your heat pump works

Control your heat pump anywhere and anytime with InverGo.

InverGo APP
| Share with your loved ones

Let your family control InverEco

Control your heat pump anywhere and anytime with InverGo.

InverGo APP


Optional Wi-Fi module
and smart app

Twisted titanium
heat exchanger

Dedicated pool heating
inverter control system

Twisted titanium heat

Twin-rotary Inverter

Down to 32°F operation