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One More 20x, The Most Silent InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump Surpassing COP20

One More 20x, The Most Silent InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump Up To COP20

Thanks to the InverPad® Turbo technology breakthroughs in these areas, Mr. Silence 20 achieves double breakthroughs in COP and silencing, providing pool owners with 20 times quieter comfort at a sound level as low as 36.4 dB(A) while achieving maximum energy efficiency with COPs as high as 20, making it a green option for outdoor living with less carbon footprint.


Aquark Mr. Silence Robotic Mower Delivers Hassle-free Lawn Care With Unique TurboSilence Technology

Mr. Silence, featuring TurboSilence technology for a 5-hour endurance, efficient mowing, and up to 5 times quieter operation. With connected features, it allows users to control and monitor lawn care conveniently via smartphones or tablets.


How Do I Know If My Salt Chlorinator Is Working

The article discusses the importance of salt chlorinators for effective pool sanitation, offering tips on checking their functionality by monitoring chlorine and salt levels. It introduces Aquark’s Mr. Pure inverter salt chlorinator as an innovative solution, emphasizing its efficiency at low salinity levels.


Aquark pioneers sustainable pool heating with InverPad Turbo and R290 refrigerant. The iOutdoor vision extends eco-friendly solutions to outdoor living. Mr. Perfect offers 20x silent performance, COP 16, and an R290 option. Aquark actively addresses climate change, promoting natural refrigerant use.


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