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Autumn comes, the weather forecast is not close to 40 ℃ high temperature! Missing out on summer pool life? Don’t worry, there are plenty of benefits to swimming in autumn. But if you’re afraid of cold water, try a pool with a inverter pool heat pump.

You can swim in a pool with a pool heat pump. Pool heat pumps can extend your pool season. The inverter pool heat pump is your better choice. It can adjust power automatically according to different water temperature, let your pool water warm up faster. In general, it is more energy efficient and less expensive than normal pool heat pumps. If you haven’t installed an inverter pool heat pump, I suggest you take action. Enjoy your pool life early!

Swimming in autumn has many benefits.

Improved cardiovascular system
The cooling water in autumn stimulates the nervous system, quickens the heart rate and promotes the blood flow. It is of great help to the enhancement of cardiovascular function.

Build up resistance
Insist on cold water swimming for a long time, can achieve good fitness effect, enhance people’s body immunity. Especially asthmatic children, insist on swimming, improve cardiopulmonary function, immunity, can slow down the attack of asthma. Please consult your doctor about this in advance.

More conducive to weight loss
The temperature of the autumn water also greatly increases the metabolism while promoting blood flow. So swimming in the fall, weight loss is more effective.

Helps winter swimming
If you want to join the winter swimming team, you have to move from now on. Keep swimming and adapt to the cool water temperature. Winter swimming can only be tried when both resistance and adaptability are ready.

More calcium
It feel relaxed after swimming in autumn, if have more sunbathe. This is more conducive to calcium supplementation.

Although there are many benefits to swimming in autumn, there are also many precautions.

Pay attention to water temperature
It is best to swim in the indoor pool. A pool with a inverter pool heat pump is the best.

Be sure to keep warm
When the weather turns cold, a bath towel is worn at the end of a swim, or at the end of a trip to the bathroom. Otherwise, the body temperature will drop quickly and you will catch cold easily.

Dry your hair after you shower before you go out. If you want a natural wind outside to dry your hair, that’s the equivalent of a headache.