38.4 dB(A)

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InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump


As one of the best inverter pool heat pump manufacturers in China, Aquark offers the quietest and energy-saving inverter pool heaters wholesale for you. With 20-year experience of inverter pool heat pump exploring, Aquark had the first application of Turbo Fan, which highly improves heat exchange and pool heating capacity by changing air flow direction to adapt to the Pad design perfectly.


Mr.-Titan - Aquark

Mr. Titan

Aquark offers the best inverter pool heat pump in the market, backed up by a team with more than 20-year experience of pool heaters. This inverter pool heat pump Mr. Titan runs at middle and low speed to maintain pool temperature for 95% of pool season. COP can be up to 16. 

Mr. Titan’s average sound level is as low as 41dB(A) at 1m, thanks to stepless DC inverter technology.


Mr. Silence

Among all inverter pool heaters by Aquark, Mr. Silence offers you an extreme quiet pool heat pump experience. The COP of this pool heater at low speed could be up to 16.

This pool heat pump is 10 times quieter than normal inverter pool heat pumps.


Mr. Perfect

Mr. Perfect is the latest inverter pool heat pump launched in 2021. This pool heater is made in the new pool heat pump technology called InverPad® Turbo. It is 20 times quieter than on/off pool heat pump. COP of this inverter pool heater is up to 16. The air operation temperature can be -15 ℃.

Aquark offers the best pool heating solutions in the market, backed up by a team of more than 20 years of experience ready to support you! Click and view more about our latest inverter pool heat pump.


Inverter pool heat pumps are a great business trend in the pool industry. Aquark offers the best inverter pool heat pump in the most advanced technology. Welcome to join us and become an excellent pool heater distributor. Backed up by a team of more than 20 years of experience, Aquark is always ready to support you!


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