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The noise level of a pool heat pump is one of the top considerations for pool owners when choosing a pool heating system. Apart from creating a quiet swimming environment for yourself, it is also necessary to minimize the noise impact of its operation on the nearby neighbors. A silent pool heat pump is essential in cities with strict noise regulations or areas with limited space. But how loud should a pool heat pump be? Which pool heat pump is the quietest? We will address these concerns in this article and assist you in selecting the quietest pool heat pump.

What Is Noise Level?

A noise level describes the intensity of a sound at a particular point in time. We use decibels (dB) to measure the noise level of different sounds, representing how loud a sound is. Since people cannot hear all pitches of sound, we usually use A-weighted decibels (dBA) to describe sounds based on what human ears can actually hear.

Are Pool Heat Pumps Noisy?

Not all heat pumps for swimming pools are noisy. Some inverter-controlled pool heat pumps do not operate as loudly. Although the fan motor and compressor make the most noise when an air-source pool heat pump is running, the noise level of a pool heat pump can vary considerably amongst manufacturers, primarily due to the type of compressor and fan motor they use. A difference of just 5 decibels can make an enormous change in the noise level of a pool heat pump. For this reason, all pool heat pump manufacturers have made reducing the operating noise of pool heat pumps a highly significant R&D breakthrough.

According to the World Health Organization recommendation, environmental noises at or below 70 dB(A) are generally acceptable. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has also set speech interference and annoyance limits of 55 dB(A) for outdoor activities and 45 dB(A) for indoor activities. In Europe, the European Environment Agency defined the outdoor noise levels in the 7th Environment Action Programme as exceeding an average of 55 dB during the day and 50 dB at night. We can use them as a benchmark to determine whether the pool heat pump is making much noise.

How Loud Should A Pool Heat Pump Be?

Most heat pumps operate at a noise level of approximately 50 dB(A). We usually measure the noise of an air-source pool heat pump in dB(A) at 1 meter. Each doubling of the distance reduces the sound level by 6 decibels (dB). With continuous advances in inverter technology, new air-source pool heat pumps can operate at even lower decibels. For example, the latest InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump from Aquark, Mr. Perfect, operates at just 38.4 dB(A) at 1 meter, as quiet as a refrigerator hum.

The table below shows dB levels provided by the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC), which will help you better understand how quietly Aquark’s InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump operates:

Why Is Aquark Pool Heat Pump So Quiet?

To ensure the pool families have the super quiet, highly efficient pool heating experience, the Pad Inverter pool heat pump manufacturer Aquark creates the energy-efficient and super quiet pool heat pump Mr. Perfect with its patented InverPad® Turbo technology. What makes Aquark’s pool heat pumps so quiet? It mainly depends on the following three aspects:

Fan selection is one of the main criteria for heat pump noise. Mr. Perfect pool heat pump features InverPad® Turbo Tech, incorporating an innovative and revolutionary fan structure – Turbofan. The air pressure difference generated by the “blade-free” turbofan diverts the airflow at a stable speed to the outlet at a natural 90° angle, directly eliminating air turbulence and significantly contributing to zero mechanical noise performance.

The compressor is one of the primary sources of noise in heat pumps. With a Mitsubishi twin-rotary DC compressor, studio-class noise-cancelling technology, and optimization of interior air ducting, Mr. Perfect leverages InverPad® Turbo technology to decrease noise transmission from the compressor effectively.

The signature and stylish “Pad” appearance of Mr. Perfect also delivers a superior pool heating experience that is quieter than traditional front airflow heat pumps.

Combining a unique turbofan structure, beautiful Pad design, superior components, and self-developed inverter system, Mr. Perfect performs 20 times more silently than on/off heat pumps, setting a new milestone in noise levels.

Conclusion: Which Pool Heat Pump Is The Quietest?

In summary, Aquark’s InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump Mr. Perfect is one of the quietest heat pumps from one of the most reputable brands. By applying disruptive Turbo Tech on the inverter pool heat pump and utilizing advanced noise-cancelling technology, Mr. Perfect is a zero mechanical noise, super silent inverter pool heat pump. Its sound level at 1 meter decreases to 38.4 dB(A), 20 times more silent than an on/off heat pump. As the pool heat pump expert, Aquark ensures your heat pump for the pool is super quiet and highly efficient for pool heating. Connect with Aquark specialists today for information on how to benefit from a quiet pool heat pump.