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An inverter pool heat pump powered by InverPad® technology has multiple advantages with a backward airflow system, Stepless-DC-Inverter, and a unique pad appearance. Let’s see what you can get from an InverPad® pool heat pump.


The InverPad® pool pump can stay super silent with a low noise level of 36.5 dB(A) at 1-meter. This would not be possible without the contribution of its stepless running and the noise-cancelling system. Its back-discharge airflow system reduces the noise to a minimum level and provides users a quiet and comfortable swimming experience. What’s more, the DC brushless fan motor also minimizes its vibration.


An InverPad® pool heat pump also makes you much closer to an authentic green lifestyle! With an improved compressor, a brushless DC fan motor, and a dedicated pool heating control chipset, the InverPad® pool heat pump can precisely adjust the running speed. When pool temperature is getting close to the setpoint, the inverter pool heat pump will adjust to a slower speed to ensure higher energy and cost efficiency. Its COP at low speed is up to 16.


Besides its excellent hard power, a smart-looking pool heat pump can be the icing on your garden landscape. The special pad design is key to the elegant appearance of an InverPad® heat pump. Unlike the previous heavy and dull models, this pump stands out for its ultra-thin and well-proportioned look. Its backward airflow design hides the obtrusive fan and makes it more integrated with a garden.

The InverPad® pool heat pump is a collection of silent-running, environmental friendliness, and elegant look. It can bring you perfect experience in the pool. Just own it and enjoy swimming!

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