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It is commonly recognized that our earth is suffering: massive pollutants in atmosphere, declining tropical forest coverage, melting glaciers, accelerating species extinction…Our planet gets sicker and sicker every day, but luckily people’s environmental awareness has been greatly raised.

To live in harmony with the nature becomes common sense, thus encouraging people to choose more eco-friendly products from reusable straws to bamboo toothbrushes, from electrical vehicles to solar panel. Besides these products in daily life, do you have any idea that your pool can also go green with Aquark driven by InverPad Technology?

Aquark shares your concern about environment degradation and develops InverPad Technology, a combination of backward air-flow technology, stepless DC inverter and pad design. Now you can pick Aquark inverter pool heat pump to make greater contribution to environment protection while possessing of a pool with dreaming silence.

1) How can I judge whether a pool heat pump is eco-friendly?

It is straight and simple. You can look at the COP of a pool heat pump. COP represents the efficiency of a heat pump by assessing the ratio of energy input to output. While on/off heat pump has a relatively low COP, thanks to InverPad Technology, Aquark inverter heat pump realizes a COP of up to 16. Same pool operation, but less energy, more eco-friendly.

2) What kind of material guarantees product durability?

Since we finish with COP, it comes to the material of a pool heat pump. A high COP allows you to conserve energy, and durable material reduces waste by extending usage time. Aquark develops titanium heat exchanger and applies premium ABS and aluminum-alloy material, which are durable material resistant to corrosion.

3) Is there harmful refrigerant like fluorine chlorine in Aquark pool heat pump?

No. Considering ozone depletion caused by fluorine chlorine, Aquark uses R32 gas as refrigerant. During the whole process, no harmful by-product is generated to protect our environment from the very beginning.

Aquark creates InverPad Technology to redefine your swimming experience. Embark on your green journey with a simple equation: Swimming Pool + Aquark= Go Green!

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