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As people step into modern times in which technology evolves in any second, they are in greater quest for higher quality of life, which means high availability solution is required. Using experience, for example, is more emphasized than before as an increasing number of products are tagged with “noise-cancelling”. Next comes the simplicity and elegance in design. Attention is also paid to a lifestyle that contributes to energy reduction and environmental sustainability.

In response to these trends, Aquark keeps looking to create ideas to meet the demands. Mr. Silence inverter pool heat pump became one of the innovative results of this goal. Powered by InverPad technology, the pool heat pump connects tightly with modern lifestyle with its quiet running performance, unique pad design, and double energy-efficiency.

Silence: Born for Comfortable Swimming Experience
Quiet as a fridge, Mr. Silence helps to create swimming surroundings with no disturbing noise. The private pool coupled with this pool heat pump is surely a wonderful place for relaxing hours.

Pad Design: Less for more
As the first pad inverter pool heat pump, Mr. Silence reverses the course of traditional pool heat pumps. It is designed to achieve simplicity and more importantly, to optimize the ventilating direction. Consistent with the charm of simplicity, its classic shape makes it a joy to own and use.

Double Energy-efficiency: Saving Energy for Environmental Conservation
Mr. Silence actively reacts to the practice of cutting down pollution and protecting the natural environment with its feature of double energy-efficiency. Reaping the benefits of InverPad technology, it can adjust running capacity according to the water temperature without excessive power consumption. Users can cheerfully enjoy an exclusive swimming experience while playing a role in environmental conservation.

As you can see, InverPad can be a surprisingly essential element constituting the perfect life in modern times. Carrying the mission to improve quality of life, Aquark will continue to bring innovation and make swimming more enjoyable.