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International Women’s Day is intended to celebrate women’s achievements throughout history and across nations. Since we started the pool heat pump business, Aquark has always believed that only by joint efforts can we build a better world. On this Choose-to-Challenge-themed IWD campaign, let’s look back on how Aquark’s women employees challenge themselves and make success in their careers.

At Aquark, every employee, no matter men or women, has the same access to company resources, desirable and preferred jobs, and promotion. A person’s quality and ability are given the top priority here instead of his/her sex. Aquark has given an institutional guarantee to protect women employees’ advancement. We stick to the principle of equal pay for equal work and make personnel changes according to performance-based appraisal. At Aquark, the individual difference is respected and everything is possible.

Now, we can see that a lot of women leaders and employees have played an important role in the company’s operation. From saleswomen, marketing staff to support staff and factory workers, they all have injected enthusiasm into work and keep seeking breakthroughs. Their efforts have been seen in both the improvement and development of the whole company. It is because of them that Aquark has managed to lead the pool heat pump wholesale industry.

The workplace should be a place in which men and women feel inspired to work and feel rewarded and cared for with their work. Aquark does not appeal for any form of sexual privilege but seeks equality. We do hope to contribute to a more equal world. Happy women’s day!