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For the pool heat pump industry, the evolution regarding sustainability is always the next big thing. When environmental issues have played an increasingly significant role in the foreseen future of the pool industry, challenges are also chances for technology-driven products. 

It is no different for the pool heat pump. Aquark’s InverPad Turbo technology has broken the constraints of traditional pool heating solutions brought by hyper noise and high energy consumption. The brand new iOutdoor vision also tuned Aquark’s commitment to boost sustainable innovation from not limited to a single product but the whole industry involving outdoor intelligent life.

Besides its 20x silent and COP 16 performance, Aquark’s starred product, Mr. Perfect, also proposes the new R290 option for lower environmental impact to assist the professionals and engage more in the future-proof installation.



Why high GWP and ODP refrigerants are phased out?

In brief, GWP and ODP are two indexes that characterize refrigerants. 

GWP (global warming potential) shows how destructive a climate pollutant while ODP (ozone depletion potential) explains how much a chemical compound can degrade the ozone layer.

The higher the GWP, the more heat the specific gas can keep in the atmosphere. For example, 1kg of the R410a has the same greenhouse impact as 2000kg of carbon dioxide. In other words, both ODP and GWP help us understand why high GWP refrigerants are so closely regulated and why low GWP natural alternatives are urgently needed.


Why change to natural refrigerant alternatives?

In the past, domestic heat pump systems, including pool heat pumps, relied on super greenhouse gases (F-Gases)to transfer heat. 

The evolution of refrigerants represents a series of essential actions towards climate change. The industry has been through two phases and is heading to greener options in the future. 

PHASE I – The period at the expense of the environment when CFC and HCFC were mainly used

However, those refrigerants contributed considerably to the greenhouse effect and the worsening of the Ozone layer due to their high GWP and ODP. Under the Montreal Protocol in 1985 and the Kigali Amendment, EU Policy has tightened around f-gases (especially GWP>750) while searching for available nature-refrigerant-based technology to ensure more sustainable installations.

PHASE II – The transition period when lower-GWP and zero-ODP HFCs like R410A and R32 dominated the market

R32 is the most balanced refrigerant and still the most popular green alternative due to its high efficiency, low flammability and low GWP.

PHASE III – The shift to natural refrigerants 

R290 is popular in the European house heating system under heavy promotion with the gradual entry into force of subsidy policies in each country this year, like the BEG program in Germany. As a hydrocarbon (HC) refrigerant, it is a natural, non-toxic alternative to hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) refrigerants like R32.

Represented by R290, the natural refrigerants also inspire a promising industrial development for pool heat pumps facing the R32 prohibition. As part of EU F-gas regulation, the ban will take effect at the beginning of 2025.

That implies a steadfast determination to slow climate change by accelerating the shift to natural refrigerants, which makes the R290 application a common technical challenge for the pool industry, concerning its higher flammability and complexity in the development, transportation, and installation than R32.

European market first, other markets may still face a transition period ahead. Nevertheless, the global pool market is undoubtedly rushing to clean actions to slow climate change, where the low-carbon solution takes the lead.



Aquark has forwarded the self-developed R290 application and offers pool heat pumps with an R290 option to the market. Aquark’s philosophy is to go green with the industry via advancing products with less carbon footprint. The InverPad Turbo is incorporating R290 innovation to bring optimal experience as always and helps professionals to take advantage of the pioneering technology.



The global trends to pursue eco-efficiency in the pool industry are irreversible, although there are barriers before the R290 pool heat pump boom in business. 



1\ Regulations that prohibit F-gases from a climate and environmental protection perspective

2\ Regulations that encourage higher efficiency in the pool heat pump industry

3\ Regulations that support the decarbonization of EU heating systems



1\ Lack of consensual certification standards and qualifications

2\ Lack of targeted policy action in the pool heat pump industry

3\ More constraints to ensure safety urging technical innovations

4\Lack of mass production components for natural refrigerant system

The revolution by Aquark always aims at the evolution of the lower-carbon industry and life. For more inquiries about the new Mr. Perfect R290 or our InverPad Turbo pool heat pump, feel free to contact the experts via sales@aquark.com or our official website.