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For most pool owners, it can be tricky, annoying, and time-consuming to troubleshoot a swimming pool heat pump. In the past, we’ve often encountered clients who had this problem. As the core of swimming pool system, is absolutely necessary to keep swimming pool heat pump running efficiently.

When you buy a new swimming pool heat pump, install it. But you find that your pump runs smoothly at low power but not at high power. Of course, low-power running is ok, but you need to spend more time and energy. Unfortunately this for most of heat pump, this should not be the case. Why the product you just paid for doesn’t work efficiently. That shouldn’t happen!

Why can’t my pool heat pump run efficiently?
We first need to determine when it doesn’t work properly.

If you just install the pump and realize it doesn’t work efficiently. Don’t worry. You may simply have installed the pump incorrectly. In most cases, the motor should not be damaged even if the installation is incorrect. If you are not familiar with the installation instructions, it may look like another language, then you can seek professional help. We never advise owners of swimming pools to finish tasks they feel uncomfortable with.

If your motor used to run normally at high power and low power, but now only at low efficiency, then the problem must be motor or control. You need to do detailed testing, either in person or by calling a technician.

Of course, Aquark Mr.Silence series stepless DC inverter pool heat pumps can solve all of these problems. When the water temperature is low, swimming pool heat pump will run efficiently and in a shorter period of time the water temperature reaches the set temperature. After reaching the set temperature, it will run at low power. This achieves the goal of high efficiency and energy saving. And the low carbon footprint reduce 90% of your energy bill.

Mr. Silence will make his debut in Splash! Pool& Spa Trade Show during 1-2 August in Gold Coast, Australia! You will see innovated user-friendly design, not only high COP and silence. See you there!

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