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Technology is all around us. We have seen great leaps in pool heating technology in the past few years. Everyone is looking for a pool heat pump of better user experience. Now, people gradually see the benefits of inverter pool heat pump, more and more pool users are replacing their On/Off pool heat pumps with inverters. Why is there such a change? The reason is simple: because inverter pool heat pump is quieter and saves more – more energy and more money.

Inverter Pool Heat Pump, New & Efficient Pool Heating Solution

Inverter pool heat pump is a new way to heat the pool more efficiently. Energy saving and quiet running is the core of inverter pool heat pump. Take Aquark’s Mr. Silence inverter pool heat pump for example. Its revolutionary air-stream design and stepless DC inverter system of Inverquark technology just reflect this core perfectly.

Unique Inverter Control System

Stepless DC inverter, the core technology of Inverquark, is specially designed for pool heating. It can adjust the heating capacity precisely according to different heating loss in a pool season. The design philosophy is to achieve fast heating by high speed in the beginning of the season, and better energy saving in the rest of the season by low speed. Simply, it adjusts the compressor and the fan power supply frequency according to different water temperatures so as to achieve stepless speed regulation. That’s the reason why it can use the energy reasonably while doing the work efficiently. It is an easy and effective way to reduce your electricity consumption and lower your bills.

Innovative Air-stream Design

Performance aside, one of the more unique features of Mr. Silence is the innovative air-stream design. Unlike the traditional pool heat pump, the air goes out from the backside of Mr. Silence. It is designed to heat the pool by extracting heat from the outside air. 1kw electricity input brings up to 16kw heat output, 94% of the energy comes from the ambient air, which is energy saving and environmental friendly.

Dreaming Silence

It is precisely because of this revolutionary air-stream design and stepless DC inverter system of Inverquark technology, the sound level of Mr. Silence is as low as 43dB(A) at 1m, which is 12dB(A) lower than traditional On/Off pool heat pump. Just as quiet as a fridge, it brings pool users a more comfortable experience and neighbor-friendly environment.

In addition, Mr. Silence adopts round touch controller and slab design, which is simple yet uniquely stylish and more user-friendly.

Inverter pool heat pump is an inevitable choice for pool heating. But it’s just a beginning. If you would like to experience the high efficiency and dreaming silence brought by Mr. Silence inverter pool heat pump, welcome to contact us for more information via email to sales@aquark.com