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Pool heaters are essential for keeping the temperature of your pool water comfortable during cold months. Modern technology also allows you to efficiently heat swimming pool water, extending your swimming season and enjoying longer splash time.

There are 3 common ways to heat swimming pool water in the United States: gas pool heater, solar swimming pool heater, and electric pool heat pump. But which is the best pool heating way today, given the escalating costs of natural gas and electricity? Let’s look for the answer in this article.

Is gas pool heater still a good choice?

Regardless of current user experience or future prospects, a gas pool heater does not appear to be a good future-proof pool heating solution. While gas pool heaters are the most time-saving option to heat a pool for regular use, but amidst the rising price of natural gas and electricity, gas pool heaters are probably no longer the most economical way to heat your pool.

According to the data published by the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), five states – Texas, California, Louisiana, Pennsylvania, and Florida – accounted for about 39% of total U.S. natural gas consumption in 2021. If you reside in one of these states, running your gas pool heater for a few hours each time could result in a hefty bill.

Besides, according to the EIA, the natural gas inventories are projected to be 6% lower than the average for the previous five years going into the 2022-2023 winter. That will cause higher wholesale commodity natural gas prices, leading to a higher price for both natural gas in the retail market.

In the long run, the continued use of a gas pool heater will increase your energy bill exponentially. Also, this high-energy-consumption pool heating method also runs counter to the global trend of carbon neutrality and is a far less sustainable solution for every family.

Are swimming pool heat pumps a better choice for me?

As a savvy pool owner, you may wonder: is there a better way to heat a pool than a gas pool heater these days? There is, of course. Why not replace your current pool heater with an inverter pool heat pump to reduce your heating costs?

Compared to a gas pool heater, an inverter pool heat pump is a more cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative for pool owners who use the pool frequently. Many pool equipment manufacturers continually develop pool heating technology to provide pool owners with the most smart-saving heating system possible. The technology-driven intelligent outdoor enterprise Aquark Technology Limited is one of them.

InverPad® is a revolutionary technology created by Aquark that shatters the five-decade tradition of boring design and noisy operation in the pool heat pump industry. It perfectly combines a unique Pad Appearance, Stepless DC Inverter, and Noise Cancelling technology. Empowered by InverPad® technology, Aquark’s InverPad® pool heat pumps, with InverSilence as its flagship product, have won the hearts of savvy consumers across the global.

The innovative InverPad® pool heat pump can automatically switch operating modes with an intelligent control system that selects the best solution to maintain proper pool temperatures. At low speeds to maintain pool temperatures, its COP remains as high as 15. That means an InverPad® pool heat pump gets 150,000 BTU of heat output for every 10,000 BTU it consumes, getting about 94% free energy from ambient air. Along with the increase in natural gas and electricity prices, Aquark’s InverPad® pool heat pumps deliver highly efficient energy savings that will become increasingly significant. Saving energy begets saving costs. In the long run, the InverPad® pool heat pump will be a piece of pool equipment worth investing in.

Additionally, the power of InverPad® technology goes further in noise reduction. The InverPad® pool heat pump eliminates loud noise, emitting sounds as low as 45.4 dB(A) when running at full speed, which is 20 times more silent than an on/off heat pump. You can barely notice it running! Thanks to the ground-breaking InverPad® technology, your swimming fun will no longer be hampered by the noise of the pool heat pump.

What is the best pool heat pump for 2023?

It must be the inverter pool heat pump that leads the way. The inverter pool heat pump is the top pool equipment that every budget-conscious and eco-conscious pool owner should consider getting. Applying inverter technology in swimming pool heat pumps is an innovation. It enables the fan and compressor within the heat pump to work at variable speeds and adjusts the output to more precisely match the actual needs of the pool.

The market of inverter heat pumps for swimming pools globally is anticipated to grow at a considerable rate during the forecast period from 2022 to 2028, according to research on the inverter swimming pool heat pump market by Market Watch. Aquark has consistently kept a certain market share in the international market as the first global pool heat pump manufacturer to create Pad inverter technology.

On 24-25 February 2023 in Florida, U.S.A., the Everything Under the Sun Expo presented by FSPA will bring the pool and spa industry together again. Aquark is honored to be involved and will exhibit InverSilence, its flagship product powered by InverPad® technology, along with many other cutting-edge innovations at the international pool expo in the Sunshine State. Welcome to explore the boundless possibilities of iOutdoor Living at Aquark’s booth 1036.