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In recent years, electric pool heaters have become popular. More and more above ground pools are beginning to use electric pool heaters. Especially the stepless inverter pool heater. Stepless Inverquark Technology makes it more efficient and energy efficient and silent.

What is Inverquark Technology? The core technology of Inverquark is a stepless DC inverter. It adopts stepless inverter compressor and DC brushless fan motor. Its speed can be adjusted very carefully. Because of this, it has made it amazing energy-saving performance and extreme silence. Unique control systems and intelligent protection are also an integral part of Inverquark Technology.

What are the benefits of stepless inverter electric pool heaters created by Inverquark Technology? Whether it’s a pool user or a above ground pool owner, it has many benefits.

Inverquark Technology helps electric pool heaters dramatically increase their COP. It is more energy efficient. This means it can help you save energy bills. While the above ground pool brings you joy, you don’t have to spend too much.

The reasonable speed reduction of the system intelligent adjustment will not affect the heating effect. What’s even more exciting is that it makes the electric pool heaters quieter. In the same way, the service life of the equipment can last longer.

Intelligent protection, on the other hand, starts its mission as soon as the heater is turned on – to protect the stability of home circuits. Your above ground pool can be heated at any time.

The stepless electric pool heater is really perfect for your above ground pool. Efficient, energy-saving, and safe, whichever is great for you.