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If you and your family like to spend more time in the pool, then installing a pool heater is a good choice. Because it can help you extend the whole pool season. You can jump into the pool later in the spring, and you can end your swimming time before the cold winter comes. In 2020, when COVID-19 is raging, you should increase the time for swimming at home. Swimming can make your body stronger and more resistant. The question is coming, inevitably, you need to compare heat pumps, solar heaters, gas heaters and electric heaters. And choose the heating method that suits you and families.


As everyone knows, solar energy is the cleanest and cheapest energy source. However, the installation cost of solar pool heater is still high. The heating process for solar pool heaters is about as simple and straightforward as it comes. It all starts when your pool pump begins pumping water. As the water flows through the pipes and past the filter, it makes its way to the roof. The mats on the roof collect heat throughout the day – solar heat that’s gradually distributed as water flows through the rooftop pipes. From there, the water flows down the outlet pipe and makes its way back into the pool. Then, the process restarts.

Pros and Cons of Solar Pool Heating

As long as the sun is shining, solar heaters can generate heat for your waterWithout the sun, solar heaters do not work at all
With no harmful emissions, solar heaters are also an eco-friendly pool heating optionOf all pool heater types, solar heaters have the slowest heating time
Once installed, they’re fairly low maintenanceSolar pool heaters cannot provide consistent heat on demand like other pool heaters
They only require the power of your pool pumpAs photovoltaic heaters, they can only use the heat that they’ve harvested until it’s gone then they have to recharge
Solar pool heaters are typically unattractive in design and difficult to relocate


Gas heater is a space heater used to heat a room or outdoor area by burning natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, propane or butane. If you are desperate and want to heat the pool for swimming at irregular intervals, maybe gas heater is for you. You can even heat a small sized pool within a few hours. And what is special is that it is not affected by the weather. If you ignore the safety and emissions issues, if there is gas supply, it is also a rapid swimming pool heating solution.

Pros and Cons of Gas Heater

Rapid heating / High recovery rateThe initial costs are high
Lower operating costsMore complex installation process
They can work even without electricityThe risk of gas explosion


Electric heating is a process in which electrical energy is converted to heat energy. If you are using an electric heater, you should always pay attention to your electricity bill.

Pros and Cons of Electric Heater

Quick to HeatNo electricity, no hot water
Convenience and Ease of UseProduce a lot of Noise
Easier and Lower Installation CostsCostly to Run More expensive in the long run
Longer recovery time


Heat pumps use electricity to transfer heat from the environment to your pool. The most popular type of heat pump is an air-source heat pump, meaning it gets heat from the ambient air. For example our Mr. Silence inverter pool heat pump with InverPad tech, its COP can up to 16 under certain circumstances, which means 1Kw input heat can bring out 16Kw heat output. Applying the heat from the air to pool heating is definitely a cost-effective operation.

Pros and Cons of Heat pump

Pool heat pumps can run without sunlight down to -10 degrees. So rain or shine, summer or fall, you still enjoy warm comfortable waterThey take longer to heat up your pool than electric or gas pool heaters (especially if you have a larger sized pool)
They’re Eco-safe and don’t produce any harmful emissionsHeating capacity is affected by the environment
They have one of the lowest monthly operation costs
They’re highly durable and can last twice as long as other pool heater types with good routine maintenance

As an end user, you need to consider various conditions to choose the most suitable heating solution. In fact, if you want to be more convenient and adaptable, you can directly choose heat pump. In particular, Mr. Silence inverter heat pump of Aquark is more suitable for the average family. In addition to its quietness and energy saving, its InverPad tablet design is also more suitable for placement in the courtyard. If you are an extraordinary person, you will like it. After all, Aquark InverPad Tech, Born for Difference.

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