Aquark, a pioneering heat pump manufacturer focusing on innovative, energy-efficient pool equipment, adds Mr. Silence 20 to its InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump lineup, embracing the next-level silence with 20x perfect silence at 36.4 dB(A) while COP (Coefficient Of Performance) efficiency blasting forward up to 20. 

Mr. Silence 20 is the newest addition to Aquark’s impressive lineup of InverPad® Turbo pool heat pumps. Aquark has again surpassed the limits, completely reconstructing Mr. Silence 20 from the system to the structure and design. Thanks to the InverPad® Turbo technology breakthroughs in these areas, Mr. Silence 20 achieves double breakthroughs in COP and silencing, providing pool owners with 20 times quieter comfort at a sound level as low as 36.4 dB(A) while achieving maximum energy efficiency with COPs as high as 20, making it a green option for outdoor living with less carbon footprint.

One More 20x

Set Another Milestone In Energy Coefficient

InverPad® Turbo technology is an innovative and unique patent owned by Aquark, which stands for low noise and high efficiency as the core technology of Aquark pool heating. It utilizes the most advanced silent technology in Turbofan, combining aerodynamic optimization and optimal noise reduction to revolutionize the working way of pool heat pumps, creating a remarkable first for the pool industry.

To further enhance the backyard experience, Mr. Silence 20 boosts the InverPad® Turbo technology with an improved Turbofan structure that maintains the excellent performance of 20x silence and sets a new benchmark in energy efficiency for InverPad® Turbo pool heat pumps, making it the most silent InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump at a COP of up to 20.

Self-developed thermal booster technology, efficiency mechanism, and inverter algorithm are the most significant contributors to achieving 20 times energy saving. 1 kW of electricity returns up to 20 kW of output, providing an average of 95% free energy from ambient air, which has set another milestone in energy coefficient.

Mr. Silence 20 features Turbofan’s new airflow system, which increases the heat exchange area and maximizes heat output to guarantee excellent performance even under cold weather down to -20℃, and rapid defrost is possible at very low temperatures. When heating a 50 cubic meter four-season pool (1℃/180days), Mr. Silence 20 heat pump of 14.5 kW saves 9,730 kWh in electricity consumption each year compared to an electric heater. Starring in the 20X Silence Smart Outdoor Living Solution, Mr. Silence 20 delivers higher heat output for more efficient and faster heating, allowing pool owners to enjoy a premium four-season swimming experience all year round, helping them to reduce their carbon footprint and embrace a greener lifestyle.

One More 20x, The Most Silent InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump Surpassing COP20

0 mechanical Noise, 0 Refrigerant Flow Noise

Define New Standard Of Silence

COP20 is not the only thing that sets Mr. Silence 20 apart. Building on the Pad design and the Turbofan structure, Mr. Silence 20 features an upgraded premium noise-cancelling technology and an outperforming ventilation design that produces zero mechanical and zero refrigerant flow noise. Mr. Silence 20 operates at only 36.4 dB(A), fully bringing the silence strengths of InverPad® Turbo technology to the best. With such impressive quiet performance, Mr. Silence 20 makes the backyard experience more enjoyable for pool owners.

As the Pad Inverter Creator, Aquark has succeeded in pushing the capabilities of pool heat pumps even further with technological breakthroughs on the InverPad® Turbo technology – 20x silence and energy efficiency up to COP20. Pioneering outdoor living innovations, Aquark is committed to delivering unparalleled user experiences by exploring limitless possibilities regarding silent and seamless intelligence and solutions. Contact Aquark for more information about the most silent InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump up to COP20.