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We are exciting to know that Mr. Silence inverter pool heat pumps are sold out in Europe! What an encouragingly good news sharing from our European partners!

As temperatures soar across, Europe is enjoying a period of warm weather. Nothing is better than taking a refreshing dip in pool. Surprisingly, it drove huge sales in pool heat pumps. Mr. Silence, the first inverter pool heat pump with unique backside air-outlet technology, successfully won the hearts of many pool owners.

Mr. Silence is the world’s first slab surface and first air-stream design inverter pool heat pump with patent design of EUIPO. Its air-stream design is the biggest innovation in pool heat pump industry. You won’t see any fan from the front panel, which is more garden-friendly and much more silent than the traditional pool heat pumps. With simple classic touch controller, it provides sensitive and comfortable touching experience. What’s more, you can check or control your Mr. Silence anywhere, anytime by smart Wi-Fi control. Mr. Silence is simply in your hands, as always.

However, we cannot make this happen without the strong support from our partners in Europe. It is beyond words to express our gratitude. Let’s work together to create another new brilliance soon!

For more information about Mr. Silence inverter pool heat pump, please visit: https://www.aquark.com/mr-silence/