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Mr. Perfect, Aquark’s InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump, has been awarded the prestigious iF Design Award 2023, gaining global recognition for its innovative design approach focused on providing the ultimate customer experience. The iF Design Award, often regarded as the “Oscars of Design,” honors products that are excellent at innovative technology and product design.

InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump Mr. Perfect Wins iF Design Award

The global swimming pool market has witnessed a surge in innovative products in recent years, ranging from smart controls, pool heat pumps, and pool pumps, to pool cleaning robots. Manufacturers are showcasing their efforts in introducing innovative technologies and designs. Mr. Perfect pool heat pump stood out with its iF Design Award for its design innovation rooted in the pursuit of the utmost customer experience, and garnering recognition from this top global authority.

The iF Design Award’s stringent evaluation criteria go beyond the exterior design of a device. It also assesses the underlying concepts, functionality, differentiation, and impact.

“Compared to traditional axial fan heat pumps, the inverter pool heat pump Mr. Perfect adopts a Pad design with a silent turbofan, eliminating mechanical noise and significantly enhancing the user experience,” highlighted iF Design in their introduction of the award-winning product, emphasizing Mr. Perfect’s innovation.

Mr. Perfect  Pool Heat Pump Wins iF Design Award

Designing a Pad cover and changing the traditional airflow path was indeed a bold innovation. Conventionally, pool heat pumps feature hollow front panels to provide proper airflow channels, as the devices require the rotation of axial fans to draw in more air for efficient heat exchange.

However, this traditional airflow design presents various pain points for users, such as easily causing air turbulence and generating noise as a result of wind blowing, fan blade vibration, and friction between the fan and wind.

The Mr. Perfect revolutionizes the traditional heat pump design and incorporates a revolutionary fan structure – Turbofan. The air pressure difference generated by the “blade-free” turbofan can divert the airflow at a stable speed to the outlet at a natural 90° angle, directly eliminating air turbulence and greatly contributing to zero mechanical noise performance. The sound level at a distance of 1 meter is only 38.4 dB(A), as quiet as a refrigerator.

Besides, to maintain an elegant and sleek Pad design, Mr. Perfect incorporates an embedded high-definition glass touch panel, replacing the industrial buttons of the past. It also supports connection to a mobile app, enabling more user-friendly control and information access. Users can effortlessly enjoy a year-round swimming experience with constant temperature control according to their preferences.

Inverter Pool Heat Pump Mr. Perfect Wins iF Design Award

Being one of the few devices to receive a top global design award, Mr. Perfect’s success lies not only in its genuine practicality but also in its blend of usability and aesthetics. It is this pursuit of self-developed technology that allows the inverter pool heat pump to create an exceptional swimming experience for customers worldwide.

For more information about Mr. Perfect and its award-winning design, please visit https://www.aquark.com/mr-perfect/.