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Swimming pool heat pumps are one of the most efficient ways to heat your pool. Pool heat pumps are usually very durable. With proper installation and maintenance, swimming pool heat pumps will last longer. However, what is the life expectancy of a pool heat pump? Are there factors that can affect the lifespan of pool heat pumps? In this article, we will discuss some key factors to provide you with the know-how to make your pool heat pump last longer than estimated.

Why Does Pool Heat Pump Life Expectancy Matter?

Because the lifespan of a pool heat pump significantly impacts the overall savings from the heat pump installation. You will have to spend money on a new unit to replace your pool heat pump if it only lasts a short time, and you will need repairs more often if it malfunctions frequently. All of this may come at a high cost. Any electrical appliance will benefit from regular, steady operation, which can extend its estimated lifespan. Heat pumps for pools are not an exception. Therefore, how long the electric heater lasts is a critical issue.

What Are The Key Factors That Affect The Lifespan Of A Pool Heat Pump?

Your pool heat pump may last longer or shorter, depending on where you live, how you use it, and how well you manage it. The following two factors play a decisive role in the lifespan of a swimming pool heat pump.

The manufacturing quality of the pool heat pump
Manufacturing quality is one of the decisive factors in determining the lifespan of a swimming pool heat pump. High-quality pool heat pumps last longer. They can withstand the harsh pool environment, including exposure to chlorine, UV rays, and extreme temperatures. Additionally, better-quality pool heat pumps are more efficient and have more durable components.

The maintenance quality of the pool heat pump
The quality of maintenance is another decisive factor in determining the service life of your pool heat pump. A well-maintained pool heat pump can easily outlast its original design life. Your pool heat pump can last far longer than its warranty timeframe if you maintain it properly and regularly.

What Is The Average Lifespan Of A Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Most pool heat pumps have an average lifespan of eight years or more when properly installed and maintained. A good quality pool heat pump built, installed, and serviced by professionals should last longer.

According to a recent analysis by the Consumer Reports website, on average, half of the approximately 13,000 heat pumps installed between 2005 and 2021 were likely to experience problems by the end of their eighth year of ownership, roughly the midpoint of the system’s expected lifespan. And heat pump owners surveyed looked forward to their units having a median lifespan of fifteen years. Therefore, when making your initial purchase, opt for a pool heat pump brand with a solid reputation and a proven track record if you want to use your pool heat pump year-round.

One of the best pool heat pumps on the market today is Mr. Perfect, the Aquark InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump. It is one of the quietest pool heat pumps with the best noise-canceling technology. Mr. Perfect utilizes the most advanced silent technology in Turbofan and delivers zero mechanical noise. With a COP of 16, Mr. Perfect consumes 69% less energy than traditional pool heat pumps. Mr. Perfect pool heat pump has an aluminum alloy casing with high rust resistance and good heat generation properties. When properly used and maintained, Mr. Perfect InverPad® Turbo pool heat pumps from Aquark can last up to ten years or longer.

How To Extend the Lifespan Of A Swimming Pool Heat Pump?

Manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps Aquark has provided some maintenance advice for both regular pool heat pump maintenance and winter maintenance.

Routine Checkup
Regularly cleaning the evaporator will lessen the load on your pool heat pump, decrease energy consumption and extend its service life.
Winter Maintenance
When decommissioning your pool heat pump in the winter, it is vital to maintain it properly, notably to prevent the titanium heat exchanger from freezing and cracking in the winter. Unscrewing the water nozzle of the inlet pipe to let the water flow out is a matter of the utmost importance because it will damage the titanium heat exchanger when the water in the machine freezes in the winter season. To avoid any machine damage, you should cut off the power supply, drain the water from the equipment and cover the machine body when not for use.

All of these maintenance measures help to lengthen the lifespan of a swimming pool heat pump. If you want to extend the life expectancy of your pool heat pump as long as possible, try following the above maintenance advice from Aquark.


The average lifespan of a pool heat pump is as long as eight years or more. Pool heat pumps from more reliable brands can last ten years or longer if regularly serviced and properly maintained. Aquark’s Mr. Perfect InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump is one of the best heat pumps for pools today. Reputable pool heat pump manufacturers like Aquark utilize high-quality materials and advanced technology to build durable and energy-efficient pool heating equipment that can last more than ten years. Contact the professionals at Aquark if you want to experience the exceptionally quiet, incredibly powerful, and remarkably durable pool heating solution brought by Mr. Perfect.