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A pool is a great investment for your house since it provides the ideal location for leisure, socializing and physical activity. With the weather warming up, pool owners often keep their pools open for 3-4 months before the weather cools down to enjoy themselves.

Installing a pool heat pump will allow you to heat your pool in time and control the pool’s temperature, extending the swimming season by several months. That’s why some people’s garden pools open earlier than yours to enjoy the outdoor swimming experience in the spring.

By installing an inverter pool heat pump as part of an existing pool automation system, you can even enjoy a delightful swimming experience all year.

Let the Pool Enjoyment Go Four Seasons

Having a private pool is great, while pool owners are eager to enjoy the outdoor swimming experience for 4 seasons, they are equally concerned about the cost of running a pool.

The cost of heating a pool takes at least 30% of running a pool each swimming season. Will the heating cost be higher if the heat pump is used for a longer period of time?

Thanks to InverPad ® Turbo technology, controlled by an efficient and intelligent inverter system, the heating capacity of Mr. Perfect can be precisely adjusted according to the different temperatures of the pool season.

Maintaining efficient output even at low speeds can drastically reduce power consumption and lower bills. The key point is that the Mr. Perfect inverter pool heat pump has a COP of 16, which can increase the energy-saving efficiency by 69%. Inverter heat pumps are more cost-effective in generating heat, making pool users more willing to extend their swimming time. 

-15℃ Low-Temperature Operation

The inverter pool heat pump, taking Aquark’s Mr. Perfect as an example, is able to heat the swimming pool under very low-temperature conditions.

Mr. Perfect features InverPad ® Turbo technology, a new airflow system utilizing a turbofan, which increases the heat exchange area and maximizes heat output. Excellent performance even in ultra-low air temperatures of -15 °C, allowing you to enjoy warm swimming in all seasons.

It can be said that the InverPad® Turbo takes the heat capacity and energy savings of pool heat pumps to a new level. It is ultimate silence, energy-efficient, -15℃ low-temperature operation, providing 4 seasons swimming fun to pool users.

Upgrade Your Backyard Pool With a Modern & Smart Heat pump

With the stylish design, ultimate silent performance, and high-end rust-resistant aluminum alloy casing, Mr. Perfect looks like an art masterpiece in the backyard.

The most important thing is the intelligent and easy operation. Pool owners require no additional operations throughout the swimming season, including turning the pool heater on and off. You can easily control it remotely on your phone, saving even more time.

The intelligent, thermostatic inverter heat pump for the pool will allow you to enjoy the backyard landscape while bringing a comfortable and smart 4-season swimming experience.


There’s no better time than now to install an intelligent Inverter pool heat pump that allows you to swim year-round, regardless of the temperature. Whether you are thinking about saving energy or protecting the environment, Mr. Perfect is your best choice to upgrade your modern intelligent pool and start a sustainable life. It’s time to upgrade to a more energy-efficient inverter pool heat pump at Aquark.

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