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Maintaining a clean and safe swimming pool can be a challenging task. Fortunately, pool salt systems are available to help make pool maintenance more manageable and efficient, and they are becoming increasingly popular among pool owners. According to the Salt Water Chlorinators Market Report 2024 published by Cognitive Market Research, the swimming sector is the most popular application of the saltwater chlorinators market. It held the highest revenue share in 2023, and this segment will retain its position at a significant CAGR expected.

Eco-friendly and energy-saving pool water treatment solutions are gaining increasing priority with an emphasis on cutting-edge technology and sustainability. In recent years, the global development of pool intelligence has led to the rise of salt chlorinators, which automate the pool disinfection process and have become the core equipment of the overall solution for intelligent swimming pools.



Harnessing Inverter Technology for Stress-free Pool Maintenance

Salt chlorinators are a sustainable and natural alternative to chlorine for sanitizing pool water. Utilizing leading-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence and machine learning, salt chlorinators equipped with inverter technology are innovative products that surpass conventional alternatives in terms of effectiveness and efficiency. Inverter salt chlorinators simplify routine pool maintenance while reducing environmental impact, providing an intelligent and user-friendly experience that offers maximum convenience and liberation to the user.

The first application of inverter technology in salt chlorinators allows for precise water quality management and enhanced electrolytic chlorine production. Inverter salt chlorinators accurately match the electrolysis rate based on the swimming pool water quality and provide low-salt protection to alleviate user maintenance concerns. Inverter technology has transformed the salt chlorinator into an intelligent pool water quality housekeeper that can better understand user needs. It makes it possible to maintain baby-grade healthy water quality without tedious maintenance, resulting in a hassle-free experience for pool owners, especially those new to pool maintenance.

Go With Mr. Pure For Eco-friendly, Water-saving

Mr. Pure from Aquark is the first inverter salt chlorinator to feature innovative InverTurbo technology with an advanced PID algorithm. This technology ensures precise control over chlorine production and pH regulation, which helps maintain the stability of water quality and reduces irritation, pool shocks, and water changes. With InverTurbo technology, Mr. Pure adapts to different situations, delivers high performance even at low salt levels (down to 1 g/L), and guarantees no additional salt maintenance for 180 days. During initial disinfection or after a pool party, the automatic 130% Turbo mode can sanitize the pool promptly, with a fast disinfection of as little as five hours.

Designed with an ultra-thin 75mm intuitive touch screen, Mr. Pure displays water quality indicators in real time. Based on accurate sensors, InverTurbo tech enables the salt chlorinator to master essential data related to pool water quality, such as pH levels, ORP levels, and salinity. The Full-touch pad controller helps to make the most of swimming fun by energy-saving, water-saving, and chemical-saving pool disinfection. Thanks to its self-adjusting operations under unique inverter control, Mr. Pure can save up to 1,000kWh in energy consumption over five years.

By seamlessly integrating with inverter pool pumps and cleaning robots, the pool water treatment solution brought by InverTurbo tech creates inverter synergy for 24/7, high-quality water treatment with low energy consumption. Users can say goodbye to frequent water changes while contributing to a sustainable environment.

Visit Aquark to view its innovative inverter salt chlorinator and many other intelligent pool equipment products that interconnect with inverter technology.