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A warm and comfortable swimming pool at the backyard can be a huge asset to your home,  and a wonderful relaxation with family and friends. But without the right inverter pool heat pump, a 4-season running pool can become a maintenance headache. Keep reading and find out the reason why inverter pool heat pump stands out as the best on the market.  

  1. What Is Inverter Pool Heat Pump?

As we know, pool heat pump can heat your pool water by transferring heat instead of producing it. However, inverter pool heat pumps do more than that. While providing a consistent water temperature, inverter pool heat pump can automatically adjust its output according to the temperature of condition and water to save more energy.


  1. What’s Different with Inverter Pool Heat Pump?

Compared with the traditional heat pumps, Inverter pool heat pumps have outstanding benefits in higher heat output, silent operation, harsh condition application and energy saving to heat up your pool.

By optimizing the aerodynamic system through the first application of Turbofan, the heat exchange efficiency of inverter pool heat pumps is highly increased to over COP16. Moreover, the constructive improvement has achieved the amazing 0 mechanical noise during operation.

Take Mr. Perfect, the newest inverter pool heat pump of Aquark, for example, powered by the advanced InverPad® Turbo Technology, changeable weather, electricity costs, pump noises… Mr. Perfect frees you from all worries:

  • Excellent cold-resistance, down to -15~-43℃ operation, durable and adaptive in four seasons.
  • 38.4dB(A) @1m on average, 20 times quieter than on/off pool heat pump.
  • 68% less energy consumption, extremely environmental-friendly.


  1. How to Choose Inverter Pool Heat Pumps

Having learned the advancement of inverter pool heat pumps, you probably also want to get one. But before your final decision, please consider these factors when you choose an inverter pool heat pump:

  • Pool Size

The most important thing is to calculate the size of your swimming pool, and choose an accurate size of pool heat pump.

  • Local Climate

The climate of where you live is also essential. Since many inverter pool heat pumps fail to work in cold regions, remember to consider the available temperature range of an pool heat pump.

But Aquark can sweep off your these worries! Even under harsh conditions (-15℃~-43℃), Aquark can still keep a strong and stable output, promising you a four-season swimming experience.

  • Pool Heat Pump Noise

Some pool heat pumps are annoyingly noisy. If you don’t want the noise to disturb your working mood and family time, go for a silent one.

If you want to know more about choosing a best inverter pool heat pump, view this to make your best choice: POOL HEAT PUMP SIZING GUIDE: HOW TO CHOOSE POOL HEAT PUMP

  1. Best Inverter Pool Heat Pump in Aquark

The patented InverPad® Turbo technology is the biggest visible capital for Aquark. The self-developed core technology enables Aquark’s latest products to stand out with features in ultra-low temperature conditions, silent experience, and 4 seasons operation, which have made Aquark the best inverter pool heat pump manufacturer in China. We have every confidence to give you perfect swimming experience all year long. For more information, feel free to contact us to explore more about pool heat pumps!