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Aquark, as the creator of the Pad inverter pool heat pump, a high-end technology brand in the swimming pool industry, provides ultimately silent pool heating solution that is acclaimed widely by the industry and beloved by end-users everywhere.

Aquark highly values user experience. Since its founding, Aquark has aspired to provide the quietest and most energy-efficient pool heat pumps through each technological advancement. Thanks to Aquark partners for sharing these swimming pool heat pump reviews and beautiful pictures. Let’s discover the charms of Aquark InverPad® and InverPad® Turbo technologies.

Ultra-quiet Heating & Trendy Design Impressed the World

Mr. Silence and Mr. Perfect are two top inverter heat pumps from the Aquark brand that are among the best pool heaters on the market today. They have earned rave reviews for their unique Pad design and silent user experience. “It is a garden-friendly pool heat pump,” the Aquark partner Kerex says in the video interview. The signature and stylish “Pad” appearance make them a beautiful addition to the backyard. The minimalist Pad design in aluminum alloy casing offers a premium user experience. The invisible fan brings high safety to users. Additionally, the latest Mr. Perfect features specially-designed round corners to protect the kids based on the elegant Pad design. Such tiny details highlight the attentive, making it a reliable pool heat pump for pool families.

Within the backyard, Aquark inverter pool heat pumps seamlessly blend in with the scenery.

And you don’t have to worry about the noise generated by the heat pump disturbing your neighbors. By utilizing the most advanced Turbofan and noise-canceling tech, Aquark has become the first company in the pool industry to achieve zero mechanical noise, setting a new milestone in noise level. Mechanical Solutions, the Greek partner from Aquark, shared that one of their clients called them to ensure they had completed the heat pump installation because he did not hear anything and could not believe it was working. Empowered by the ground-breaking InverPad® Turbo technology, Aquark’s 2022 new Mr. Perfect reaches 20 times more silent than an on/off heat pump and ensures excellent heating efficiency with a COP of up to 16. The most silent and efficient eco-friendly heated pool extends the pleasure of swimming into four seasons – that is how pool users authentically feel about Aquark InverPad® Turbo pool heat pumps.

Industry-leading Tech & Robust After-sales Support Garnered the Trust

User satisfaction is the best gift to Aquark, and so is partners’ success. Since partnering with Aquark, CUDELL OS – Member of HYDRALIANS has increased sales tenfold and streamlined its after-sales service due to Aquark’s low product failure rate (less than 0.5%) and fast customer service response time. Klereo, the French manufacturer of intelligent control systems for high-end pools, has experienced significant sales growth to become the number one manufacturer of pool automation in the French high-end market. With these positive results achieved by its partners, Aquark is overjoyed and particularly appreciative of their trust and support.

L: Greek partner Mechanical Solutions displayed the Aquark Mr. Silence InverPad® Pool Heat Pump at the Climatherm Energy 2022.
R: Hungarian partner Kerex introducing Aquark Mr.Perfect InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump at Spring Partner Meeting 2022.

All of this is inseparable from the extensive technical and marketing support provided by Aquark. Each year Aquark regularly sends professionals overseas to provide training for its partners. This in-person technical and product training often covers product features, technology superiority, and troubleshooting skills so that the sales team can immediately understand the selling points and promote the product locally with less difficulty.

Aquark sends professionals overseas annually to teach its partners about its unique technologies and inverter pool heat pumps.

Moreover, Aquark will support partners’ attendance at international exhibitions with promotional materials (such as posters and video production) and sponsor outdoor marketing campaigns. And Aquark will also publish pool heat pump industry reports and pool heating reviews consumer reports from time to time so that everyone can better understand the pool industry and consumer needs. Together with all its partners, Aquark thrives on promoting a comfortable and sustainable 4-season swimming lifestyle for a greener future. With the excellence of InverPad® Turbo technology in noise-canceling and energy efficiency, Aquark introduces everyone to the realm of quiet swimming where they may enjoy themselves all year long.

Aquark sponsors outdoor marketing campaigns and provides support for advertising materials to overseas partners.

Meet Aquark’s Next-generation Innovations in Lyon

As a dynamic and technology-driven global “Smart Garden” solution provider, Aquark never stops innovation. At Piscine Global Europe 2022 in Lyon, France, this November, Aquark will display its new Mr. Perfect InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump and premiere multiple appealing novelties. See you in Lyon from 15–18 November at booth 6G82! Follow Aquark on LinkedIn for the latest industry report and consumer reviews.