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What is the meaning of the existence of pool heating equipment? Primarily, it extends the boundary of pool usage, making swimming less likely to be affected by the weather. When the temperature gets low, the pool heater pump protects us from getting cold. Yet, this equipment is also vulnerable and needs to be protected, too.  

Every year, frigid weather causes severe damage to pool equipment, pool heating equipment especially. Damaged circuit, broken plumber and other kinds of destruction are true winter nightmares. Countless pool owners suffer from it. Pools are forced to be closed and take months to be repaired. Consequently, the owners not just pay for the repair bills, but face the loss due to close-down.

Plenty methods help prevent severe damage and reduce the loss. But for start-up swimming centre, owners who just experienced destruction therefore in need of a new set of equipment and people from areas feature chilly winters, we highly recommend swimming pool heating equipment that is robust enough to pull through freezing cold.

Aquark has been rolling out a top-notch energy efficient pool heater named Mr. Perfect which is capable of handling a temperature as low as -15℃(5℉). That is to say, it maintains perfect performance even in harsh conditions and can not be easily broken by winter storms. Virtually, this very pool heater pump enables people to swim during snowy days.

Folks may begin to concern about Mr. Perfect’s energy consumption since it operates in serious cold amid heat production. Surprisingly, it does not cost more energy, on the contrary, it reduces the energy consumption by 32%, making the most energy efficient pool heat pump. Innovative utilization of Turbofan allows larger heat exchange surface, thus this pool heating equipment achieves significant progress in heat production. Meanwhile the inverter system automatically adjusts its power as the temperature approaches your set point. Therefore, to maintain your pool’s temperature only consumes around half of the energy at its start.  

As we pursue the goal of redefining inverter plus swimming pool heat pump, we render state-of-the-art technology and commit to ultimate service for our partners so as to develop win-win cooperation. In extreme weather, Mr. Perfect is an unswerving fighter and gives you a true sense of security. Your all-year operation is now guarded by the best pool heat pump for cold climates.