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Aquark, a leading Pad Inverter pool heat pump manufacturer, introduces the world to the upgraded InverPad® Turbo innovation with 30x Silence.

As the frontrunner in the field of Pad Inverter, Aquark invented the ultra-quiet Pad Inverter pool heat pumps, including the 1st InverPad® Pool Heat Pump Mr. Silence and the 1st InverPad® Turbo Pool Heat Pump Mr. Perfect, and is known for continually innovating the newest technologies in quiet pool heating. 

Good products have the power to sustain exploration and iteration, and Aquark never ceases to innovate beyond its limits. In the new realm where silence meets aerodynamics perfectly, Aquark has found its way with its all-new 30x silent InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump, featuring Aquark’s first COP 20 output.



Innovation Driving InverPad® Turbo towards COP 20 with Ultra Silence

Aquark’s InverPad® Turbo technology redefines pool heating silence through active noise cancellation and aerodynamic optimization. The all-new Mr. Silence 30 carries on that legacy, leveraging upgraded algorithms with the intelligent control system that optimizes the air control and heat transfer of the Pad Inverter in ultra-high precision, achieving 30 times quieter operation and energy efficiency levels of up to COP 20.

  • Spatial internal layout optimization delivers a superior 30x silent experience with 0 noise disturbances. With its unique wind channel turning 90 degrees, the refined spatial internal layout of the InverPad® Turbo pool heat pumps provides a haven of tranquility with zero noise disturbances. The innovative tech design integrates the windless Pad front panel with the Turbofan heat transfer structure that delivers 36.4 dB(A) of serenity, allowing users to sink into all-day comfort provided by the peaceful iGarden, free from mechanical, refrigerant flow, and vibration noises.
  • Algorithm upgrade enables intelligent control system with COP20 output. As the first COP 20 Pad Inverter, Mr. Silence 30 achieves COP 20 performance, boasting the best in its segment. Thanks to the intelligent collaboration of the compressor and motor, the InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump extracts up to 95% of the free energy from the ambient air, making it the most energy-efficient Pad Inverter pool heat pump, where users can substantially benefit from effortless pool heating.
  • Improved run logic contributes to fast defrosting at the extreme -20℃. With upgraded algorithms and a well-optimized structure, Mr. Silence 30 is also ready to cope with extreme environments. Owing to the more intelligent defrosting system, the InverPad® Turbo pool heat pump operates in the harshest conditions, maintaining optimal heat output even in cold weather, significantly improving energy efficiency.

The all-new Mr. Silence 30 features its groundbreaking Pad design and the first Turbo fan, making the latest model the quietest pool heat pump ever to achieve COP 20. Contact Aquark experts for more details about the first COP 20 Pad Inverter pool heat pump with ultra silence.