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At the beginning of the pool season, the pool water is cooler. Aquark inverter pool heat pump will run at high power, heating the pool water at a faster rate. After reaching the water temperature set by the user, the pool heater will automatically reduce the power to maintain the water temperature. All thanks to the use of Inverquark technology.

Inverquark technology – Silence to relax your mind. High COP to save energy cost.

Inverquark is the most silent & saving inverter technology in the pool industry. It combines Aquark’s unique air-stream design which eliminate every possible noise to ensure the most silent performance for customer. The average sound level is 43dB(A) at 1 meter.

Moreover, it adopts the industry’s leading efficient stepless DC inverter control system. With smart conversion of compressor, fan motor & pressure system, it provides amazing energy saving performance with Average-COP 10, COP range 15.5-6.4(air 27℃/water 27℃).

Thanks to Inverquark technology, Aquark Mr.Silence inverter pool heat pump provides average 90% free energy from ambient air. Reduce 90% of your energy bill! Amazing, isn’t it?

Why can Aquark provide the best inverter pool heat pump solution to global partners? Because of creative R&D, quick service and top quality control.

Interbad Stuttgart, Germany 2018

Aquark will attend Interbad Stuttgart, Germany 2018. We look forward to seeing you there. Know More>>