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A pool heat pump is expected to last for years. Even so, it is not hard to tell that pool heat pump repairment is a sore point for owners. 

In most cases, a pool heat pump is expected to last for years. Even so, when we search “pool heat pump repair”, there are about 33 million results. It is not hard to tell that pool heat pump repairment is a sore point for owners.

So, let’s talk about how to choose a durable and easy-to-repair pool heat pump!

Choose a pool heat pump with an excellent compressor

The compressor is one of the three pillars of a pool heat pump. It technically decides how good your heat pump is.

You’d better figure out what compressor is used in a heat pump. Unstable running power can be found a lot in low-quality ones, which will prevent your equipment from producing heat efficiently. Also, they are not long-lasting and may be damaged easily.

High-quality ones, such as Mitsubishi’s Twin-Rotary compressor enjoy a considerable reputation. It steadily operates while remaining silent. With the accurate operating frequency and consistently good performance, it ensures a warm wellspring from your pool.  

Therefore, you should definitely consider buying a heat pump with a premium compressor.

Choose a pool heat pump with a neat chamber

Have you ever experienced this – you think there may be some minor problems with your heat pump but you are terrified by the messy and complicated wires in the chamber. Therefore you have to call the after-sales and wait, even when the problem is actually pretty trivial.

That’s why a neat chamber matters – different wires are marked with different colors, all wire connections are so clear that problems are easily detected. Thus, you can even repair it on your own with the instruction manual. 

Choose a pool heat pump with a low failure rate

Ask your distributor about the failure rate before buying a pool heat pump. It not only matters to your user experience but also matters to the environment.

Changing is costly and not environmentally friendly. Our planet is suffering from all kinds of unsolved wastes. To protect the environment and save our money, we’d better choose a pool heat pump with a low failure rate.

Aqaurk is proud of its products, for they are neat inside and fashionable outside. With Mitsubishi Twin-Rotary compressorsorderly chambers, and a low failure rate of 0.5%, they are bound to last over 10 years easily. 

What’s more, Aquark is proud of its professional after-sales services. With perfect coordination with the service centre in Paris, it gives users ultimate experiences and partners controllable after-sales costs.

Also, Aquark’s latest tech, InverPad® Turbo, boasts up to 68% less energy consumption, running in chilly condition low as -15℃, COP up to 16 and 38.4 dB(A) sound level. 

With InverPad® Turbo Tech, you will enjoy an ever-green pool life without worrying about the repair and change.

Aquark is waiting for further discussion with all parts of the pool industry. 13th of October, meet us at Piscine Global 2021: https://www.piscine-global-europe.com/en/piscine-connect/presentation