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If you are lucky enough to have a pool in your backyard, you must be wellaware that a pool not only serves as a gym zone but also could bea constant partyspot for your friends and family. As pool is playing an increasingly important roles in both special and daily occasion, it seems vital to select for you pool the most reliable pool products, especially, pool heat pumps.

When it comes to choosing the right pool heat pump to support your warm pool, the noise cancelling capability is first thing to consider, since you would never want to find your friends complaining about the vibe ruined because of the rumbling sound made by the machine. And conversations with your beloved one should be conveyed without any interruption. The last thing you want is failing to provide a peaceful garden to your children. Worse as it may seem, noise can not only distress the family vibe but may also cause health problem.

Aquark cares about more than the swimming experience. A perfect poolside life is also what we strive to provide for our customers. To address the incessant noise made by traditional On/Off pool heat pump, Aquark has developed the InverPad technology with which its coreproduct, Mr. Silence, reaches a low sound level at 40dB(A) at 1 meter. Walking around by Mr. Silence, the running sound is as quiet as a fridge, almost unpercievable.

What it is, you might ask, in Aquark inverter pool heat pumps that contributes to such performance in the level of noise cancelling. Much of the impressive functionality is a result of InverPad Technology’s distinctive design. The Back-discharge Design, to start with, manages to bring down the level of wind sound bymakeing the airenter from two sides andgo out from the back side.

The Pad design is also worth mentioning as it has hidden the fan mesh to achieve lower ventilation sound as well as a more elegant outlook.

But what really makes Mr. Silence such a success in noise reduction is its Stepless DC Inverter Technology which maintains the most suitable running capacity for a pool with the adjustability range hertz by hertz and round by round.

Our aim is to remind you to pick the right pool heat pump once and for all to ensure a silence poolside life for you and your family. If you want extreme silence and high efficiency of heating, Aquark inverter pool heat pump with unique pad design will definitely surprise you.