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In 2022, Aquark firstly proposed the iOutdoor Living vision, setting the stage for a journey into the limitless opportunities of the outdoor living industry. In 2023, Aquark continue to enrich the iOutdoor vision with a range of technological innovations and head towards the trillion-level outdoor living market.

Building upon its success in leading the pool heating industry with the widespread adoption of InverPad® heat pumps across over 120 countries, Aquark has explored innovation-led approaches to enhance the user experience and scale up the industry. The latest innovations by Aquark will be on display at Aquanale and Piscina & Wellness Barcelona (Hall 2 D31). Visitors can get a glimpse of the primary appearance of the future iOutdoor Living.

Turbo Inspiration from Aerospace – Create the Turbo Heat Pump Trend

As the Pad Inverter Creator, Aquark’s first InverPad® heat pump in 2017 revolutionized the traditional appearance of heat pumps, leading the Pad heat pump trend. In 2021, Aquark developed the InverPad® Turbo technology to create the quietest Pad heat pumps, achieving an astonishing annual growth rate of 300% and significantly expanding the heat pump industry’s value.

Evolving Towards Turbo Performance – 20X Silence & COP 20

Innovation knows no bounds. Building on the InverPad® Technology, Aquark has further enhanced noise-canceling technology and optimized ventilation design, resulting in whisper-quiet operation at just 36.4 dB(A). Moreover, with the self-developed thermal booster technology and optimized efficiency mechanism, Mr. Silence 20 boasts a COP of up to 20, marking a significant milestone in energy efficiency. Each evolutionary leap will have a positive impact on the industry, and Mr. Silence 20 is set to drive more pool owners to invest in pool heat pumps.

Rethinking Turbo, Reshaping the Future – Inverter Salt Chlorinator

Beyond pool heating, Aquark extends its innovative spirit to water treatment products. The world’s 1st inverter salt chlorinator, equipped with InverTurbo technology, redefines water treatment by employing precise inverter algorithms to monitor water quality in real-time and produce chlorine on demand. The 130% turbo mode can quickly restore swimming pools in just 5 hours, ensuring the best and most stable water quality in the shortest time.

From Pool to Garden, Aquark introduced more exciting new products – the robotic lawn mower with a remarkable 5-hour endurance at Spoga+gafa 2023, garnered significant attention and shaped iOutdoor Living more clearly.

The Future of iOutdoor Living

As the pool industry evolves, our core values remain unchanged. Users are seeking an outdoor living experience with minimal energy consumption and minimal effort. Aquark is at the forefront of this transformation, employing original technological innovation and unique user experience to create more groundbreaking products and craft zero-carbon 100% Green iOutdoor Living.

We look forward to sharing these innovations with you and discussing the future of outdoor living together at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona.