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Aquark Technology Limited, the creator of InverPad® technology, has launched the latest innovation in high-end inverter pool heat pumps in June, 2021. Aquark’s newest 4 SEASONS INVERPAD® – Mr. Perfect, powered by InverPad® Turbo Technology, is a modern revolution in stylish swimming pool products.
What is InverPad® Turbo technology?
InverPad® Turbo technology is an exceptional patent owned by Aquark. This unique system utilizes the most advanced silence-generating technology in Turbofan. Combining aerodynamic optimization with the best noise-cancelling technologies, Turbofan sets new milestones in noise reduction, making it a true catalyst for industry-wide transformation.
Style and silence are not the only benefits of the new 4 Seasons InverPad®. Living up to its name, Mr. Perfect can perform in conditions as cold as -15°C, meaning users can perfectly enjoy swimming in warm water year-round.

Mr. Perfect’s Most Notable Features:

1.Silence by design.
Mr. Perfect stands alone as the first and only inverter pool heat pump to possess InverPad® Turbo technology. The incorporation of Turbofan allows Mr. Perfect to perform silently. With no blades as a design feature, turbulence is negligible, and Mr. Perfect runs ten times quieter than a regular inverter as no mechanical noise is generated. Only the sound of wind is generated, meaning the output of sound is almost inaudible at 38.4 dB(A).

2.Perfect performance in frigid conditions.
With high COP up to 16.0, Mr. Perfect uses 32% less energy than standard inverter pool heat pumps. Not only does Mr. Perfect reduce energy consumption, but the InverPad® Turbo was developed to run in the harshest conditions. Thanks to Turbofan’s innovative airflow system, heat output is increased with a larger heat exchange surface. This allows the pump to continue performing when the temperature drops well below zero.

Combining this ability to perform under cold temperatures with incredible energy efficiency, Mr.Perfect enables users to enjoy year-round swimming with those all-important energy savings to make it even more enjoyable.

3. 4 seasons of swimming.
Everything about Aquark’s new 4 Seasons InverPad® leads to enhanced user experience and investment. The performance of the InverPad® Turbo technology means commercial and residential pools can offer consistent swimming environments for 12 months each year. A never-ending swimming season equates to never-ending return on investment and unmatched value.

Aquark Technology Limited’s new 4 Seasons InverPad®, Mr. Perfect has been conceived with a view towards silence, style, innovative energy efficiency, and 4-season swimming. For more information, please visit https://www.aquark.com/

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