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Aquark, the Pad Inverter creator, introduces how its patented InverPad® Turbo technology leads to a super silent pool heating experience.

By applying a disruptive Turbo Tech to the inverter pool heat pump, and utilizing advanced noise-canceling technology, Aquark’s Mr. Perfect achieves the most super quiet pool heating in the industry – sound level down to 38.4 dB(A) at 1 meter. Mr. Perfect is as quiet as a fridge.

Disruptive Innovation Through Patented Turbofan Structure

In traditional axial fan designs, the airflow is forced out in a direction parallel to the shaft, easily causing air turbulence and generating noise as a result of wind blowing, fan blade vibration, and friction between the fan and wind.

As a brand-new technology, InverPad® Turbo Tech incorporates a revolutionary fan structure – Turbofan. The air pressure difference generated by the “blade-free” turbofan can divert the airflow at a stable speed to the outlet at a natural 90° angle, directly eliminating air turbulence and greatly contributing to zero mechanical noise performance.

Furthermore, Mr. Perfect’s signature and stylish “Pad” appearance also lead to an outstandingly more silent pool heating experience than the traditional front airflow heat pump.

inverter pool heat pump
Aquark’s Inverter Pool Heat Pump Mr. Perfect

Optimization Through Superior Components and Inverter System

As we all know, one of the main sources of heat pump noise comes from the compressor. With Mitsubishi twin-rotary DC compressor, studio-class noise-canceling tech, and optimization of interior air ducting, InverPad® Turbo tech effectively decreases noise transmission from the compressor.

Thanks to the self-developed inverter control system, Mr. Perfect guarantees an excellent heating efficiency with COP up to 16. Running at low speed to maintain constant pool temperature can also decrease running noise from the fan.

Combined with the unique turbofan structure, nice Pad design, superior components and self-developed inverter system, Mr. Perfect performs 20 times more silent than on/off heat pumps and sets a new milestone in noise level.

Aquark’s extensive research and development in ultimate-silent performance demonstrate its strong technological capabilities for the greatest user experience. By the end of this year, Aquark will launch a series of innovative products for creating a smart swimming pool solution.

About Aquark

Aquark, a technology-driven global “Smart Garden” solution provider and Pad Inverter pool heat pump manufacturer, creates the super silent and energy-efficient inverter pool heat pump Mr. Perfect.

Contact us to explore more about Aquark.

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