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Since August, energy prices have risen 130% in Europe and 47% in the US. As power prices rocket, traditional on/off pool heat pump no longer meets pool owners’ high demand in energy efficiency. But the latest inverter pool heat pump, with advanced energy-saving performance, is rapidly taking new trend in the pool industry.

Aquark’s Hot-Sale Inverter Pool Heat Pumps In 2021-1

To help you find a best inverter pool heat pump, we are outlining 4 options fit for both inground and aboveground pools.


  • Mr. Perfect

Against the backdrop of energy crunch, an intelligent and energy-efficient inverter pool heat pump should be the top pick. Mr. Perfect is probably the first choice.

With the revolutionary InverPad® Turbo Technology, Mr. Perfect allows super silent operation while remaining powerful output and low energy consumption. As its name suggests, it is a perfect expert in heating pools, canceling noise and offering pool owners the best swimming experience for four seasons.

  1. No fear of harsh conditions. Keeping sound operation and stable output even at
  2. -15~43℃.
  3. Zero mechanical noise and operating at only 38.4dB(A), which is 20 times quieter than on/off pool heat pumps. A pleasant sleep and living environment can be guaranteed.
  4. 68% less energy consumption and COP 16, saving power drastically.
  5. Supported by stepless DC inverter system, the energy output is adjusted automatically as it reaches the desired temperature, removing unnecessary energy consumption.
  6. Unique Pad design.


  • Mr. Silence

When pool heat pumps are appearing all in the same key, Aquark takes the first step towards a brand-new industrial design — Pad Design. Apart from its stylish appearance, the invisible fan is the most innovative, ensuring safety for kids.

  1. Ability to withstand -10℃ climate, extending summer and creating a warm swimming pool for 4 seasons.
  2. Strong output by Mitsubishi Inverter Compressor, but is still silent of an average volume of 40dB(A), 10 times more silent than normal inverter pool heat pumps.
  3. Double energy saving, COP up to 16.
  4. Low carbon footprint, eco-friendly.


  • InverSmart

InverSmart’s speed can also be adjusted intelligently according to the environment and water temperature. If you live in a relatively warmer area, this is also an ideal choice for swimming pool heat pump.

Aquark’s Hot-Sale Inverter Pool Heat Pumps In 2021-2

  1. 42dB(A) at 1m. 10dB(A) lower than On/Off pool heat pump.
  2. COP can be up to 15, 32% GWP comparing to R410A, and 25% CO2 carbon consumption.
  3. Operate in cold air temperature down to -5°C.


  • InverStar

This pool heat pump is as quiet as it is energy-efficient, offering a high standard of comfort with smart control from anywhere.

Aquark’s Hot-Sale Inverter Pool Heat Pumps In 2021-3

  1. Averagely 42dB(A), hardly noticed during operation.
  2. Operate in air temperature down to -5°C.
  3. Built-in Wifi allows pool owners to control the pool heat pump anytime & anywhere.



Reviewing the 4 Best inverter pool heat pumps in 2021, which is the Top Choice for you? Mr. Perfect obviously stands out to be the best overall for embracing all advantages in one — excellent cold-resistance, and eminent electricity saving and noise canceling ability. It will in no way fail its name.

With a state-of-the-art InverPad® Turbo Technology, Aquark is always your loyal company in 4 seasons swimming fun. We are never contented with present achievement but pursuing progress continually, dedicated to providing both perfect service and perfect swimming experience all year round. Contact us if you need any information or visit our website today. Stay tuned!