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We are delighted to announce that we just released an official video of our factory in Foshan. It is the first time to display our factory strength to the pool industry, covering every process from R&D, incoming inspection, production to packing.

Strict Quality Control System Ensures the Highest Standard Inverter Heat Pump

As you can see from this video, Aquark has built up a comprehensive quality control system in the whole production process, including 100% incoming material inspection, 8-hour aging test, 3-time leakage checking, 45-minute running test, etc.

Besides, we have our own professional international standard laboratory which can test the performance of heat pump under different working conditions. The detecting instrument can perform puncture test, insulation test, grounding test and leakage current test. Electricity safety is in full inspection as well. Only test approved product can enter the next process.

The 45-minute running test is crucially important. Our inspector will mark down every result, to ensure every heat pump from Aquark is strictly produced and tested. As a professional inverter heat pump manufacturer, we guarantee the top quality and reliability in long-term cycle under CE standard.

Strong R&D Strength Makes Innovation Happen

Aquark culture is always encouraging the creative innovation and keeps offering brand new solution to our global partners. The core strength of Aquark is the R&D team, who own the leading inverter control system technology as well as pool heat pump system technology. Every engineer is full of ideas to break through the traditional technology of pool heat pumps, such as patented slab design and patented back-discharge design.

Now, let’s take a look at this video:

P.S. You also can watch this video on Aquark YouTube Channel, subscribe now.

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