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Aquark is an emerging technology company of inverter pool heat pump manufacturer. Again, we have achieved a growth of over 300% in 2021, just like what we did last year in the unique Pad inverter track. The achievements can be attributed to the company’s constant pursuit for higher and better “technological capital”.

The patented InverPad® Turbo technology is the biggest visible capital for Aquark. The self-developed core technology enables Aquark’s latest inverter pool heat pumps to stand out with features of ultra-low operation temperature -15℃ and ultimate silence at 38.4dB(A), which together provide users a perfect 4 seasons swimming fun, and made Aquark an instant hit in the market.

Aquark’s Inverter Pool Heat Pump, Rides The Wave To Innovation With InverPad® Turbo Technology1

Figure 1: InverPad® Turbo Technology For 4 Seasons Swimming

InverPad® Turbo Tech is the ultimate fusion and optimization of two super cutting-edge technologies: ultra-low operation temperature technology, and unique noise-canceling technology.  The revolutionary technical innovations redefine the pool heat pump sector and provide a real 4 seasons swimming experience.

  • InverPad® Turbo: 1st Application of Turbofan in Pool Industry

InverPad® Turbo Tech was finally published as the world’s first application of Turbofan on pool heat pumps after thousands of tests by Aquark’s experienced Research & Development team. The innovative design with no fan blades has brought revolutionary development in aerodynamic optimization. The high air pressure and volume of Turbofan highly increase the efficiency of airflow system, which contributes to higher heat exchange efficiency and mechanical noise control.

Aquark’s Inverter Pool Heat Pump, Rides The Wave To Innovation With InverPad® Turbo Technology2

Figure 2: InverPad® Turbo latest Heat Pump – Mr. Perfect

  • -15℃ Operation Temperature: Strong Output in Harsh Weather

InverPad® Turbo is developed to run in the harshest conditions under low temperature as well. Utilizing Turbofan’s new airflow system, it increases the heat exchange area and maximizes heat output to guarantee an excellent performance under cold weather. Enhancing the heat exchange efficiency to a new high level, InverPad® Turbo enables the pool heat pump to operate with more than double energy output at ultra-low air temperatures of -15°C.

  • Zero Mechanical Noise: New Milestone of Sound Level at 38.4dB(A) on Average

Apart from the advantage in low-temperature operation, the unique noise-cancelling technology of InverPad® Turbo Tech realizes an industrial breakthrough in 0 mechanical noise. Combined with the optimized airflow design by Turbofan, the average operating sound level of Mr. Perfect, the newest inverter pool heat pump of Aqaurk, only reaches 38.4dB(A) at 1 meter, which is 20 times quieter than traditional on/off pool heat pumps.

Aquark’s Inverter Pool Heat Pump, Rides The Wave To Innovation With InverPad® Turbo Technology3

Figure 3: Comparison of silence data of different heat pumps

Bottom Line

Advanced in Turbofan application, harsh condition running, ultimate silence, and energy-saving, the InverPad® Turbo technology has truly provided 4 seasons swimming fun to pool users, which distinguishes Aquark in the high-end pool heat pump market.

With the vision of becoming a technology-driven smart outdoor enterprise, Aquark is dedicated to being a leader in futuristic technology, its new products will continue to attract more customers and create higher value for more partners. For more info, please visit Aquark’s website to discover further inspirations.

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