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It was our enormous pleasure to participate at Aquanale show on 5-8 November in Cologne, Germany. Every day was busy and productive, thank you all for the support!

During the four-day exhibition, we exhibited the full series of inverter pool heat pumps with patented back-discharge design, which have attracted a large number of visitors. Many professional customers expressed their strong cooperation intentions with us. Good news came one after another, our team is greatly encouraged by the joy!

Aquark team with customers at Aquanale 2019 in Cologne, Germany

Mr. Silence Maintained Stable Popularity in Pool Industry

Ever since its debut in 2018, Mr. Silence, the revolutionary and innovative inverter pool heat pump, successfully gained the attention and favor of the swimming pool industry across the globe. It is its second year on show, but Mr. Silence is still as the focus of attention.

By adopted stepless DC inverter technology and patented back-discharge design, Mr. Silence brings customers a COP of up to 16 and an extremely quiet user experience – sound level as low as 40dB(A) at 1m! It has greatly satisfied the user demand of quiet and energy saving. What’s more, the garden-friendly look is favored by most people. It is a superior combination of high performance and good-looking appearance.

On the spot, we signed an exclusive contract of 2020 with Belgium partner. They have been very satisfied with our products, we greatly appreciate their high recognition and strong support!

Aquark signed an exclusive contract of 2020 with Belgium partner at Aquanale 2019

New Series of InverSmart & AquaMini Received Widespread Attention from Customers

In addition to our popular super-high-end series Mr. Silence and Aqua Silence, we also launched two new series: the mid-to-high end series InverSmart and mini series AquaMini. Their debut at Aquanale show has received widespread attention from customers, and many have shown a strong interest in them.

Aquark confirmed the partner of InverSmart in Germany at Aquanale 2019

What’s more delighted was we have confirmed the partner of InverSmart in Germany, just on the last day of the show! Though it is the new series that came out this year, it got off to a flying start. We are full of confidence in its future development.

Stick to Technology Innovation, Catch Inverter Opportunity Together

With the ever-increasing market for inverter pool heat pumps, we realized that having a unique product with leading high-tech is the only effective way to catch the market opportunity. Continuous technology innovation is necessary for success. Therefore, we will continue to upgrade the technology and continuously introduce unique products to the market. Not only to bring more opportunities to the market, but also a better user experience to end users. Welcome to join us, let’s catch the inverter opportunity together.

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