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The swimming pool and wellness industry is a dynamic, sustainable, and confident sector. At #aquanale from 24 to 27 October 2023, on the highly regarded focal topics of ENERGY and WATER, the industry demonstrated how it is tackling new challenges. Aquark was pleased to have meaningful conversations with many visitors during the show. Together, they gained insights into the most novel pool water treatment technology, InverTurbo, and the core technology for pool heating, InverPad® Turbo, along with the extraordinary experiences these innovative products deliver beyond imagination.

Issues of sustainability, energy efficiency, and resource conservation are more than ever on the minds of industry participants. As the swimming pool industry developed a European standard (EN 17645) to regulate energy efficiency classifications for private swimming pools, it further increased energy awareness. People recognized that home swimming pools should consume as few resources as possible. Energy- and water-efficient technologies and products are gradually dominating the market.

However, saving resources is not enough for players in the pool industry. Energy-saving equipment should also look stylish and be user-friendly. Aquark has managed to visualize its revolutionary innovations, capturing considerable attention at the aquanale show. From energy efficiency and water management to digitalization and automation, Aquark responded to the latest topics and trends with pioneering products, technologies, and concepts, leaving a lasting impression on visitors.

Mr. Silence 20 Pool Heat Pump with 20X Silence & COP 20

Represents the Leading Edge of Innovation

Mr. Silence 20 is the latest inverter heat pump from Aquark, continuing its legacy of minimalist design but making pool heating more robust than ever.

By further enhancing noise-canceling technology and optimizing ventilation design, Mr. Silence 20 operates with a noise level of only 36.4 dB(A), and thanks to its self-developed thermal booster technology and optimized efficiency mechanisms, Mr. Silence 20 boasts a COP of up to 20, marking a significant milestone in the field of energy efficiency.

Building on the InverPad® Turbo Technology, Mr. Silence 20 redefines pool heating in an entirely new way, establishing a new benchmark in silence and energy efficiency, leaving visitors marveling at its high COP value and ultra-silence.

Mr. Pure Inverter Salt Chlorinator

Leverages Revolutionary Inverter Tech for Dynamic Water Treatment

Since Aquark launched its new inverter salt chlorinator earlier this year, enthusiasm and interest in inverter salt chlorination systems have soared. Now it is finally time to experience how InverTurbo technology works at aquanale.

This cutting-edge InverTurbo technology redefines water treatment by employing precise inverter algorithms to monitor water quality in real-time and generate chlorine on demand. The 130% turbo mode of the Mr. Pure can quickly restore pool water quality in as little as 5 hours, ensuring optimal and consistent water quality in the shortest time possible.

As the global first inverter salt chlorinator, the high-class and elegant appearance of Mr. Pure also won the hearts of many visitors on site, who found the slimmest Pad design of Mr. Pure was particularly technological in nature, making it one of the best-looking high-end inverter salt chlorinators ever.

Mr. One Inverter Hybrid Pump for Heating & Circulation

Enables Pool Ready in One Touch

Additionally, Aquark exhibited its highly anticipated and innovative all-in-one product, Mr. One, the first inverter hybrid pump in the world that combines heating and circulation systems.

Powered by InverPad® Turbo technology, Mr. One provides the ultimate user experience with super energy-saving and extremely silent features. A simple setup allows the pool to reach the desired temperature and optimal water flow while quickly switching to hybrid or circulation mode at the touch of a button.

Combining dual intelligent inverter systems, Mr. One enables the boosting efficiency to achieve 4-season heating. Visitors to the site commented that Mr. One has simplified the installation of pool systems and also reduced pool system noise, improving the user experience. More excitingly, visitors further expressed their anticipation for the 3-in-1 or even 4-in-1 units from Aquark in the future, which has been very encouraging for the Aquark team.

Explore All Green Outdoor Living with Aquark at Piscina & Wellness Barcelona 2023

In addition to the innovations mentioned above, Aquark will exhibit its latest robotic lawn mower and central control system at the upcoming Piscina & Wellness Barcelona.

Mr. Silence is the first robotic lawn mower in the industry to feature inverter technology. Thanks to the original TurboSilence technology – a groundbreaking fusion of AI-inverter control, GNSS-HAVI navigation system, and noise canceling – and AI-Pilot S Path planning, Mr. Silence mowing robot boasts up to 5 hours of uninterrupted operation on 2-hour charging and autonomously plan the most efficient mowing routes.

Another weighty new product is the world premiere of the central control system by Aquark. The intelligent system features an easy-to-operate Pad Console Design that allows one-click for intelligent interaction and provides real-time data monitoring and power consumption inquiries. Thanks to the OTA upgrade, users can enjoy a savvier and far more convenient experience.

Motivated by the pursuit of Beyond Limit, Aquark expects to break the boundaries and collaborate with every partner and international counterpart to craft zero-carbon, all-green outdoor living. On 28 November, Aquark will hold a welcome tea party in Hall 2 D31 at 2:00 p.m. All the partners and peers are welcome to come and join for friendly exchanges about the future of all green outdoor living together. Aquark sincerely looks forward to partnering with everyone to promote the all-green intelligent garden industry, enabling users to enjoy a one-of-a-kind outdoor life beyond imagination.

Mark it on your schedule, and see you in Hall 2 D31 from 27-30 November 2023 at the Barcelona show!