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The Pool and Spa Awards are presented to pool sector specialists and their new products. As each year, the French Federation of Pool and Spa Professionals (FPP) handed them to the winners during its conference in Avignon on 6 February.

These awards shine a spotlight on the dynamism of pool sector professionals. Likewise, the Pool Design competition (formerly known as Pool Vision) aims to showcase the creativity and expertise of architects based on a number of criteria.

Organized by the Piscine Global exhibition, the Pool Design competition is open to all architects and presents awards in several categories:

• Most beautiful residential pool

• Most beautiful tourist/leisure pool

• Most beautiful public (municipal) pool

• Most beautiful renovated pool

• Most innovative pool

• In pictures, these are the winners of the FPP’s 2017 Pool and Spa Awards:

• For the 12th edition of the awards, the jury of journalists examined 350 entries in total. They decided to reward 30 innovations divided into 12 categories

• Free-form family pool

1. Angular family pool

2. Free-form city pool measuring less than 30m²

3. Angular city pool measuring less than 30m² (photo: Fred Pieau)

4. Pool renovation (photo: Michel Perreard)

5. Outstanding pool (photo: Fred Pieau)

6. Indoor pool (photo: Fred Pieau)

7. Pool by night (Michel Perreard)

8. Pool fitted abroad

9. Innovative accessories, processes or construction techniques/equipment

10. Pool or spa enclosure (photo: Fred Pieau)

11. Spa

If you missed the Pool and Spa Awards, the Pool Design competition (formerly known as Pool Vision) is another opportunity to showcase your expertise!