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A pool heat pump works to keep a constant pool temperature and extend the swimming season. Over the past years, it has stood out from other similar products such as boilers and the electric water heater and gained a growing market share. According to Arizton’s report, the pool heat pump market is expected to grow at a CAGR of over 5% during 2019−2025. Why does the pool heat pump become increasingly popular?

1. The rising economy and preference for swimming

Swimming has a long history and has been very favorable in the western world like North America, Europe, and Australia. It is assumed that the heat pump segment will increase stably in the foreign market owing to the consumption habit formed decades ago. Over the past few years, the thriving economy has made people out of western world more favorable for this sport. The Asia Pacific (APAC) region is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 6% in terms of revenues with a rise in swimming pool construction, high disposable income, and growth in awareness. As people enjoy a higher living standard and the group of villas-resident booms, the heated pool which can protect the privacy and bring better life quality, becomes a must for them.

2. A wave of home workouts during the pandemic, an engine for the private pool economy

During the Covid-19 pandemic, consumers have to stay at home and cannot go to the beach or public swimming pools, so private pools and hot tubs have met a wave of demand. And heat pumps also benefit from the fad. By its core competitiveness and the prosperous market, the heat pump one day will take the lead in the pool industry.

3. More mature pool heat pump technology

With the development of technology,the pool heat pump itself is competitive owing to safety and energy efficiency. The heat pump produces no open fire or exhaust emissions, and separates water from electricity. So, the safety risks can be reduced. In addition, the air source pool heat pumps powered by renewable heating technology has enormous potential by conforming to the trend of energy conservation and environment protection.

Specializing in the supply of pool heat pump, Aquark, the Pad Inverter Creator keeps upgrading the inverter pool heat pump technology to improves user experience. It has provided many products excellent in noise reduction and energy saving with InverPad® technology. Focusing on technology R&D, Aquark is committed to provide a fantastic swimming experience for global customers.