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During the swimming session, a quiet pool heat pump is the most effective and efficient method for maintaining a pleasant water temperature in your pool. They are the most common method of heating pools in warmer regions since they are more efficient than alternative electric resistance heaters, propane, and natural gas.

However, it is essential to consider several factors while purchasing a new heat pump for your pool. And one of these factors is the heat pump’s sound. This is a reasonable worry for your sanity and proximity to the next-door neighbors. Also, having a loud pool heater may ruin a peaceful moment by the pool. So, it is better to create a quiet moment in a quiet way.

Even though the amount of background noise produced by a heat pump might vary greatly with the brand, some efficient inverter pool heat pumps like InverPad® Pool Heat Pump are quiet. But why?

In this article, you will learn some causes of sound and why some pool heat pumps brands are so quiet.

What Are Common Causes of Sound In Pool Heater

Pool heaters may sometimes generate strange sounds. Let’s have a look at why this occurs.

Presence of traditional Fan Noise

Some major causes of noise in old pool heat pump today result from traditional fan configurations. In this system, the airflow always hit the panel noise. This alone produces an unpleasant noise which can disrupt the peaceful environment of the pool. However, this has been dealt with in InverPad® Turbo Technology pool heat pump with the presence of its Pad and turbo design.

Noise From the Compressor

On the other hand, sounds can also result from the running compressor. Especially for a pool heat pump that uses single rotary compressors. Single rotary compressors are louder than twin rotary compressors because they are liable to vibration. A twin rotary compressor that offers high-efficiency operation with less noise is definitely needed for a quiet pool heat pump.

Aerodynamic Noise

As the airflow passes through the interior chamber of the heat pump, it generates aerodynamic noises when rubbing with other components. The intensity of the noise depends on the structure and system design of the pool heat pump. A great airflow system should allow air to flow freely, thus reducing unnecessary sound and vibration.

Why Are Some Inverter Pool Heat Pumps Super Silent?

Some brands always stand out despite how much noise some pool heat pumps generate. This brand is known to ensure a noiseless operation while ensuring your pool is heated to its optimal temperature. But what makes this pool heat pump unique, with little or no noise?

The compressor has been packaged for noise reduction.

As we all know, one of the main sources of heat pump sound comes from the compressor. However, by using a twin rotary compressor of good quality and optimizing the interior air ducting of the DC compressor, some pool heat pump effectively decreases noise transmission from the compressor.

The use of Turbofan to make the airflow regular.

In traditional axial fan designs, the airflow is forced out in a direction parallel to the shaft. This quickly causes air turbulence and generates noise from wind blowing, fan blade vibration, and friction between the fan and wind.

However, some brand incorporates a revolutionary fan structure called Turbofan. The air pressure difference generated by the “blade-free” Turbofan can divert the airflow at a stable speed to the outlet at a natural 90° angle, directly eliminating air turbulence and significantly contributing to zero mechanical noise performance.

Presence of Inverter technology, which is quiet at low speed.

Running at low speed to maintain constant pool temperature can also decrease running noise from the fan. For this, some brands combined the unique Turbofan structure with an excellent Pad design, superior components, and a self-developed inverter system to perform 20 times more silent than on/off heater and set a new noise level milestone.

How quiet is the inverter heat pump for the pool?

There’s nothing worse than trying to unwind by the pool only to be interrupted by the constant hum of the pool heater.

The question then becomes, “How quiet is the inverter heat pump?” You may take it easy by the pool while we handle the accounting.

You may know that sound is quantified in decibels dB(A). The decibel levels of common noises might help you grasp how quiet heat pumps are. To provide one illustration of how quiet inverter pool heat pumps are, check the following information below:

ObjectNoise Level dB(A)
Leaves Rustling20
A Whisper 30
Aquark Inverter pool heat pump38.4
A Quiet Library40
A Dishwasher60
Alarm Clock80

Obviously, knowing that the Aquark inverter pool heat pump operates at a whisper-quiet 38.4 dB(A) (quieter than a library) puts things in perspective. Our research suggests that inverter heat pump is the most silent pool heat pump available.

Your Efficient Noiseless Pool Heat Pump Brand

Is there any equipment that allows users to sleep by its side? It sounds unbelievable, but YES, there is. Aquark’s newly developed technology, InverPad® Turbo, creatively optimizes the aerodynamic mechanism to cancel noises to a great extent.

Whether you are looking for the best pool heat pump for your inground, InverPad® Turbo covers it.

This very radical Aquark technology is the secret of their noiseless performance. Instead of drilling a huge black hole on the surface, its Pad Design creates small openings on the left and right sides of the machine. Air is drawn from the machine’s back and exhaled from the side holes.

In addition, traditional blades are not installed in products with InverPad® Turbo technology. Its unique utilization of Turbofan redefines noise reduction. Therefore, all mechanical sounds are eliminated, and only the sound of the wind is generated.

Don’t let the unbearable noise ruin your swimming time.

Contact us to explore more about InverPad®Turbo.

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