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At present, common refrigerants for swimming pool heat pumps are R32 and R410A gas. But remember that in the past, our newly purchased swimming pool heat pump usually used R410A as the refrigerant. It has higher cooling efficiency than R22, and is more stable and safe. So why do we use R32 instead of R410A today? Although R32 is relatively more expensive, compared with the damage caused by other refrigerants to the environment and humans, this added cost is insignificant.

Humans and the natural environment need to get along well. In addition to the use of bamboo products instead of wood products, the choice of using some refrigerants that cause less damage to the environment also needs attention. When you know the advantages of R32 gas, you know why everyone is encouraged to choose it.

ODP:Destructive ability to Stratospheric Ozone0.05000
GWP: Consumption ability to ozone layer material18102088<3675


1. A1: Non-flammable. A2L: micro-flammable. A3: high flammable.

2. The ozone depletion potential (ODP) of a chemical compound is the relative amount of degradation to the ozone layer it can cause. ODP is often used in conjunction with a compound’s global warming potential (GWP) as a measure of how environmentally detrimental it can be.

3. The Global Warming Potential (GWP) was developed to allow comparisons of the global warming impacts of different gases. Know more about GWP.

4. R32 is micro-flammable, it’ll be burned only when meeting fire. It’s safe in normal condition use.


1. R32 GWP is only 675, R410A is 2088. It’s 3 times lower than R410A and less destructive to environment.

2. For same inverter, R32 gas will be 20-30% less filled comparing with R410A. It saves more gas.

3. For same inverter, R32 CO2 will be 77-75% less than R410A. It’s much less pollution and more contribution to our green world family.

4. For same inverter , works in same operating condition and speeds in same frequency, R32 inverter Cooling capacity and energy efficiency is 5% higher than R410A. It’s more efficiency and energy saving than R410A.


R32 is not easily on fire. It’s only micro-flammable, belongs to relatively safe gas. It’s safe performance under our standard operation, you can be rest assured when using our inverter. It’s just like you’re using natural gas and medium gas in our daily life. Moreover, refrigerant’s flammability is negligible compared to them.

For warm safety reminds, we recommend customer work with professional transportation and shipping agencies, import goods by dangerous declaration.


Governments around the world are introducing regulations to minimize the negative environmental impacts of Refrigerant. R32 will be one of the refrigerants used to replace R22 and R410A, which is soon to be banned.

The countdown has started! It’s time to get ready for the change from prohibited refrigerants such as R22 and R410A to R32 with a low GWP. Start planning now so that your business can handle the transition smoothly.

As a manufacturer of swimming pool heat pumps, we are users of refrigerants. But guarding the only earth, we have been moving. We express our determination by actions. Aquark’s main product has fully adopted R32 refrigerant. It has a lower GWP and produces less CO2 emissions. Combined with our smarter and more efficient Inverquark technology, we have jointly created the superior Mr. Silence and the SilencePad series of pool heat pump products.

We are eager to bring people a warm pool, and we also want to beautify the great earth. We recommend that you use the R32 refrigerant.

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