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There are several ways you can save water in a swimming pool.

Leak check

It sounds easy, but first you have to check for leaks all over the pool. For example, long damp corners, loose parts, pipes and other places.

Use the pool cover

Without the cover, more than half the water in the pool could evaporate within a year. Using a pool cover when the pool is not in use can reduce evaporation by 80% or even 90%. And pool covers help reduce algae growth and save energy if you need to heat your pool.

Check the pool pumps and pool heat pumps

Set timer to run the pump only when needed. For example, run the pool pump eight hours a day. If your pool has a heating system, setting the pool heat pump to a lower temperature may not affect your swimming experience, but it reduces evaporation.

Add disinfectant at night

The sunlight accelerated the dissipation of chlorine. I have to say it is the best time to add disinfectant to the pool at night. If you have a equipment that automatically adds disinfectant, run it at night to get the best results.

Reduce the number of times you empty your pool

Some pool owners like to empty and replace their pool water every season. If your pool has been properly maintained, you don’t have to empty it out all the time. If you don’t do proper maintenance, you may want to learn how to maintain a swimming pool first for the safety of the pool and your health.

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