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Turbofan, mostly being found in industries like air conditioners, cars, and air crafts. Innovatively introducing this to the pool industry, the inverter pool heat pump manufacturerAquark upgrades its InverPad® technology to InverPad® Turbo as its secret weapon.

InverPad® Turbo represents the most advanced tech in the pool market. By this, Mr. Perfect, Aquark’s latest heat pump, achieves the highest COP of 16, making up to 68% less energy consumption, and boasting the lowest sound decibel of 38.4 dB(A).


homeinspectioninsider.com has tested all “best heat pump brands” listed by HVAC.com. The quietest one has the sound decibel ranges from 43 to 49. The sound of the noisiest one even reaches 74 dB(A). Averagely, the sound of pool heat pumps is around 50 dB(A).

 Noise Level [dB(A)]
Pool Heat Pump A43 – 49 dB(A)
Pool Heat Pump B58 dB(A)
Pool Heat Pump C59 dB(A)
Pool Heat Pump D68 – 74 dB(A)
Mr. Perfect38.4 dB(A)

Well, these are just figures, let’s see how different decibels of noise exactly sound like.

The volume of the human whisper is around 30 dB(A). The sound in a library is around 40 dB(A). And 70 dB(A) is as loud as a washing machine. No one really wants to spend happy pool life with the noise of a washing machine. Therefore, we highly recommend you to at least choose a heat pump of under 50 dB(A). The quieter, the better. Mr. Perfect, which is even quieter than the sound in a library, would be your ideal choice.


Usually, there’ll be 2 factors that generate noise in a pool heat pump. The first one is the mechanical noise from its spinning fans and wind channels. The second one is the noise generated by the magnetic rotor rotating inside its compressor. 

For the first factor, InverPad® Turbo takes the lead to replace traditional fans in the pool heat pump with turbofan, reducing mechanical noise and optimizing the wind channel design at the same time. 

For the second, Mitsubishi Twin-Rotary Inverter Compressor is employed. Turbofan plus Twin-Rotary compressor, making the perfect silent heat pump.


As we just mentioned, InverPad® Turbo is turbofan’s debut in the pool market. Before it, most types of turbofans are big and heavy, operating at the cost of energy-saving.

Aquark executed over 500 trials to finally identify the most suitable material and size. Its customized turbofan is light and durable. Ensuring to operate with super low noise while doesn’t impose any burden on the electric motor. Thus, it optimizes the COP to be up to 16 while presents top-notch noise cancelling ability.


Noise and energy costs are major concerns of pool owners. Aquark pledges to provide its customers ultimate swimming experience and keep promoting via technology upgrades.

Learning is Aquark’s muse. On the 13th of October, Aquark will be on Piscine Global 2021. It is sincerely looking forward to further discussing design and trends in the pool industry.